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Calculate what you spend on heating Bill this winter

We are already at the end of October, and the next weekend we will have to change our clocks time to adapt to the winter schedule gaining an hour of light in the morning that we lose in the afternoon. It is also the starting shot that will force us to worry about the heating Bill at home in greater or lesser extent.

And one of the headaches of all winters is that, spending on energy that we have to face by the falling temperatures. Let’s see some applications that will help us to calculate it and take steps to reduce it.

The efficiency energy is a term that each time is more in mouth of all, e influences much in it invoice of the heating, because as know all that that wants to sell u rent your housing must get in report that measure the capacity of this for not waste energy. Let’s meet two applications that will tell us if our House is efficient in that aspect and one that calculates us spending on heating and other energy during this winter and all year.


This application has a very specific role, the simulate the energy certification of our House. As you know an energy efficiency certification they must carry out expert independent.

calcular Calefaccion con el movil

What makes this application is to simulate the result of the test on the basis of a series of information about our housing we have to facilitate. As it is logical is just a results orientation, and cannot replace at any time to the certified and official reports made by professionals auditing of this type of evidence.

WP-Appbox: CertiCalc (free, Google Play) →

Home Energy Perfomance means the efficiency cost of the heating Bill

If what we want is to meet expenditure on heating we have year-round or winter, this application is going to be of much help. With it we can also get a complete report on the energy situation of our House, always on the basis of the information that supply, which should be more true to reality as possible, otherwise the test will not have any utility.

calcular Calefaccion con el movil

Home Energy Perfomance issues a full report from our data, which we can see a year estimated of natural gas consumption, or of tanks of propane or butane. We can translate this estimated consumption to euros based on the information from our monthly bill, where we see the contract cost and multiply it by the results. In addition, this app recommends us possible works at home with which will reduce the consumption of heating during the winter and other energies throughout the year.

WP-Appbox: Home Energy Performance Pro (€0.99, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Home Energy Performance Pro (€2.99, App Store) →

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