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C9: The phablet that Samsung will be launched to conquer China

China is the great challenge that remains of Samsung. the Asian giant, though to be geographically close to South Korea, is still a tough market, not only for the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, but for other companies from European and American countries. Them laws batted from the breast of the nation more populated of the world, and the existence of a long list of signatures local that in some cases, have got give the jump out of its borders and of place is between them more powerful of the planet, are some of them factors that hinder the presence of more actors and hinder a competition effective in which predominates the product local facing the foreign.

Huawei, Oppo and live get to meet more than half of Chinese consumers. To try to reverse the situation, or at least, get a place between them 5 with more presence in this country, Samsung is working in a new phablet. Then you is more details on this device and you have, through what already is known of it, and also, what are their strengths and weaknesses with which will enter of full in a market that stands out by its size, but to the same time, by the diversity of models available, that in some cases, can be symptom of certain saturation.

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The series C

He next terminal, that is called C9, would continue the wake of others two smartphones released with previously pro it technological South Korean: he C5 and the C7, that began to sell is to in them first months of the year in Chinese and of which is expected a leap towards other regions. In the case of the first, not speak of a phablet in sense strict because its screen measures 5.2 inches. To difference of them devices more recent of it company as the Galaxy Note 7, directed to the range high, those members of the family C, included the 9, van focused to the segment medium.


We started talking about benefits of image, since their physical characteristics have not yet been revealed. In a first moment, is speculated with that the C9 would be with a panel of 6 inch surrounded of a frame metal. However, portals specialized as Sammobile is make echo of that the diagonal of this phablet will be something minor and is placed on them 5.7. With regard to the resolution, would have with 1920 × 1080 pixels and something usual already not only in Samsung: technology Super AMOLED that highlights by offer ones older shines, and a saving of resources.

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In other occasions you have commented that Samsung is giving to a number significant of their terminals with Exynos, a processor of manufacturing own with which it signs aims to have a greater role in all the mounting. However, for provide of CPU to the C9, the signature has resorted to Qualcomm, that in this case gives to the phablet of a Snapdragon 617 that with their 8 nuclei, reaches peaks of 1.5 Ghz. According to its creators, it is able to hold cameras with resolutions of up to 21 Mpx, and screens with Full HD format among others.

In the land of the memory, us find with a RAM high, of 4 GB, to which is added a capacity of storage initial of 32. It is confirmed the extension of this last feature using Micro SD cards.

System operating

In the field of software and connectivity, there is also pending to confirm which platform will equip the C9 and also the type of networks that could support. If have in has them benefits in this sense of their predecessors, the C5 and the C7, that feature with Marshmallow of series, would be logical find to this member of the family of the robot green in this model and perhaps, are offered support for update to Nougat. As an additive, it has a fingerprint reader.

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Availability and price

As mentioned above, the C-series is focused on initially to the Chinese market. An example of this is the C5, which has just seen the light in the country of the great wall. In Europe, find some equivalent grouped under the series to. However, it is possible to find this last device on Internet shopping sites but with significant variations in its price.

But in the old continent, the South Korean firm has become the most potent and despite keeping a privileged position, the truth is that the planet’s largest market will still continue to resist is. Although other factors come into play as the behavior of the economy in the habits of consumers, it is impossible to deny that China is a very desirable cake for all brands and that each one of them wants a piece. After know more about the next phablet of Samsung, would think that what already have could know on she you will serve to compete facing marks as Huawei? Do you think that its arrival on the market and the revelation of its features will be crucial to determine its success? You have available more information on other models of the company that have Yes come to Europe as Note 7 so that you can say to yourselves.

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