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Build and rule an Eastern Empire in Conquest 3 Kingdoms

Them games of strategy based in events historical or that have with elements that we remind to them large civilizations of the last, also are getting a good reception among the public. The interest in what happened in the past and the recreation of the most important events can be very interesting tricks that developers can use to create new titles that break with some plot monotony that can be found among dozens of works available in the catalogs of applications.

If all this we add the incorporation of legends and myths existing all over the world for centuries, we are witnessing the emergence of works like Conquest 3 Kingdoms, which you then have all its features and that it intended to draw us part of Chinese history through warriors and battles in our tablets and smartphones.


Combining elements of them games of simulation with them of strategy, Conquest 3 Kingdoms us gets of full in the period of the 3 kingdoms, that took place in the giant Asian during the century III. Our mission will be the us become one of the most famous of these territories General and conquer the rest to become emperor of China through battles that really happened but also, through the construction of structures and collection of resources with which you can create structures defensive and offensive at the height.

conquest 3 kingdoms escenario


As in the wars of the last, in this title, them enemies can attack in any moment, by what must be prepared to repel to our rival is when is. To do this, we can recruit mythological heroes and great military leaders with those who draw strategies that help us to become the Supreme ruler. All this low an atmosphere visual and sound very successful that us gets of filled in the Chinese ancient.


Conquest 3 Kingdoms do not have no cost initial. However, still not been surpassed the million of users. Between them main obstacles reported by them users and that can be the cause of this host discrete, find the lack of versions in others languages, since is only in English and Chinese, and some shopping integrated that can get to them 160 euros by element.

WP-Appbox: Conquest 3 Kingdoms (free*, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Conquest 3 Kingdoms (free, App Store) →

Believe that this work can be a way entertaining of learn more about the history of Chinese while assume the role of conquerors? would think that there are games more complete that us offer a greater experience? You have available more information on other similar like Sid Meier´s Starships so you can say to yourselves.

Item builds and governs an Eastern Empire on Conquest 3 Kingdoms was published in TabletZona.

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