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Browse of shape safe on your tablet with WiFi Master Key

When you talk about the risks of Internet browsing, we told you that not only viruses that enter through the websites may be harmful, but also, the fact connect to open networks and use through these portals where personal information is required. Phishing and fraudulent use of our most sensitive data, have become one of the biggest threats to users of consumer electronics are exposed to daily.

To try to solve all the conflicts that may arise when it comes to managing the network of networks, come dozens of applications that, at first sight, ensure a safe experience when visiting websites of all kinds. This is the case of WiFi Master Key, which you then have characteristics and also, what have been the major criticisms.


This application offers a comprehensive data base on all the networks WiFi free and open that can be found near our location. At the same time, it contains information about the security and control of the privacy we can get when it comes to enter any of them. The networks that have some degree of protection appear with an icon of a small blue key on the right side. Another of the strong points of this application is the fact that if there is no choice but to enter personal information when you visit some pages, this is encrypted.

WiFi Master Key app


One of the most striking aspects of this application is, according to its creators, the role of the users themselves. Through comments, the public can evaluate and comment on each of the networks to which it is connected. On the other hand, WiFi Master Key, whose management is simple and resembles the WiFi settings of devices with Android or Windows, is available in a lot of languages.


This platform does not have any initial cost, which has served to head towards the 100 million users. Updated just a few days ago, fixed some bugs that produced instability and unexpected closures. However, also has been criticized by other aspects as for example, the inability to connect through it to selected networks that have shown us.

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Do you think that these applications can be useful and ensure a safe navigation? Do you prefer to connect in home networks and dispense with the open WiFi? You have more information about other similar as Swift WiFi so you can get to know more options available.

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