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Bonds of megabytes extra for the each operator December Bankholiday

The bridge of December is just around the corner, and obviously already many are in full countdown to exit this Friday trip and enjoy of a festive two that make it much easier to take an entire week of vacation. And obviously, all holiday period is likely to need a bond of megs extra everything us connection wherever we go, whether we are going to share many pictures or videos with family and friends, as if we need it even to work from our destination to rest. So let’s review the best bonuses megs extra for the Bridge in December.

Let’s review bonds megs extra, that we can add to our contract rates and offering us operators to enjoy during the Holiday week.

Bonds for the Vodafone December Bankholiday

The operator us offers bonuses of megs extra for our rates, a push of megs that us will come of pearls during the bridge of December. Vodafone offers various bonuses, 200 MB for 2 euros, 800 megs for 7 euros, 1.6 gigabytes for 14 euros and 2.5 gigabytes for 21 euros. Can activate these bonds from the app My Vodafone and through SMS.

Puente de Diciembre

Extra bond of Vodafone


They also offer us the possibility to add extra gigs to our rate of contract to dispose of them in these days of rest away from home. On this occasion, we can access a bonus of no less than 5 gigabytes of data for 14.95 euros per month for the months that you need it. These data only will be consumed once sold out of our rate.

Bonos Orange

Orange extra bonuses


For those who have Fusion or a fee to live, you can access several bonuses megs extra to add to your contract details. These offer us 500 megs for 6 euros, 1 gig for 10 euros, 3 gigabytes for 20 euros 5 gigabytes for 30 euros. We can also add in a timely manner and for only one euro extra megs 75 at our rate.

bonos movistar

Extra bonuses of Movistar


The operator also offers us the possibility to add more data to our contract price in a timely manner. This time it’s a bonus of a giga , which we can add to our rate for six euros a month.

bonos yoigo

Extra bonuses of Yoigo

As you can see, there are enough alternatives to go with a few megabytes under the arm during the holidays of the bridge in December, and usually with many data, and at a great price…

Bonds of megs extra article for December bridge on each operator was published in MovilZona.

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