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Blackview E7: the limits of a phablet that does not exceeds them 60 euros

An offer composed of thousands of phablets, resulting in the existence of a vast range of prices that, sometimes, may exceed the traditional categorization into three large ranges. From them devices that can overcome them 700 euros, until others that not reach them 100 e even less, the options available not stop of increase in a context very competitive, formed by users more demanding that not only look more them specifications and that these are more high, but also want ones models affordable or balanced with regard to its cost that ensure , however, a good experience of use.

A time more, the companies Chinese are the exponent that reflects that the market of smartphones is something very alive in which we can find disparity of products. While in them last years, and as you have reminded previously, many signatures of the giant Asian seem to have given a jump important in the quality of their creations without impact too in its price, it true is that even is possible find terminals very cheap that can generate doubts and distrust between them consumers. A example is E7, it new of a firm called Blackview and of which then you have their characteristics more important as the made of that not comes to them 60 euros. Is necessary to establish some limits to offer best results?

e7 panel phablet


A terminal so affordable not can make great fanfare in some of their characteristics. Between them, the finished and its dimensions. In the case of the E7 would be talking of a terminal in which the plastic maintains a role protagonist. This model is available in three colors: Blue, white and grey. Features with a reader of traces fingerprint of which know their time of response. With regard to its size and weight, still have to be revealed.


The benefits Visual could qualify is of balanced at first view. A panel of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixel HD. At all times we must bear in mind that when it comes of a phablet with a price lower than other low-cost family, we cannot demand very high specifications. In the field of the cameras, we are facing two sensors: one rear of 8 megapixel and one front 2 have, to try to overcome deficiencies resulting from a modest picture quality, with functions already seen as the auto focus and LED Flash.

blackview e7 lentes


Terminals Made in China, we are in this field with significant variations between brands. From those who have managed to provide its market faster chips terminals, to others which are equipped with more limited that may hinder a proper execution of the tasks in the Terminal and processors are characterized by their instability. The Blackview E7 mounted a MediaTek 6737 very popular between the cheapest and the devices which can reach peaks of 1.3 Ghz. In the land of the memory, part with a RAM set of only 1 GB to which is added a capacity of storage initial of 16 GB that however, can expand is until them 64.

Operating system

The E7 has with Android Marshmallow. However, also must do some nuances in this senses that come related with them failures frequent that come derivatives of versions copied of the platform of the robot green and that show errors constant as closures, unexpected or consumption more accelerated of resources. Features with Dual SIM and in matter of connectivity, should support networks 3 G, WiFi and 4 G. In autonomy, it only that is known is that is equipped with a battery of 2,700 mAh of capacity of which neither is know them times of duration with each use.

Chrome extensiones

Availability and price

Presented of way official to principles of September, this phablet coming of the country of the great wall would be intended in a first moment, to two types of public: on the one hand, consumers young. By another, for users that wish to have a first takes of contact with them smartphones and to which is sum a collective that look for a device it more current possible but without great fanfare for their benefits. As mentioned before, is located in it more low inside them models low cost, since its cost would be around them 56 euros. Its acquisition, as is usual in this type of products, is possible through multitude of portals of purchase by Internet, where could suffer some variations.

E7 is an example over how can result complicated group to all the terminals in three large families, since within each a, can find another series of groups in which not only enter in game factors as the economic. After know more on another phablet of the country of the great wall, do you think that it new of Blackview can be a good option for those that seek a device basic? Believe that them manufacturers should set some parameters minimum both in cost as in benefits to offer some models more balanced and reliable? Have available more information related on others similar so you can say you same.

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