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Beware! A bug in Clash Royale retains your Google Play money

Many users have been launched to take advantage of the “offers of Fortune” that just appear in the famous title of Supercell on the occasion of the celebration of the Chinese new year. However, there are many who complain about an annoying bug in Clash Royale which causes that, when it comes to redeem any of these offers, appear an error on screen which, even so, retain your money in Google Play Store.

This Clash Royale bug “steal you” credit of Google Play when you try to access the buy special offers appearing this week in the game. These offers are 3 different packs, which you can buy gems, coins and chests at low prices. They have a price of 0.99 euros and 499 EUR 9,99 euros.

The problem appears when trying to some of these packs, the smartphone is thinking for a few seconds and displays an error of Google Play. In this way we can find users who have attempted to make the purchase of the pack of 0.99 euros twice and been noted as it was les retained a number of 1.98 euros in Google Play unless you have increased the number of coins, gems, or Clash Royale chests.

Solution for bug in road Clash Royale

Apparently, some of them users affected are receiving a mail electronic from Google Play Store, that ensures that purchases initial were cancelled and returned, and can recover the money retained in the store of applications of Android. However, trying to repeat the operation, there are times that it is possible to buy the packs of Clash Royale offers with total normality, while on other occasions the bug of Clash Royale returned to make Act of presence and to withhold money.

It is likely that Clash Royale already is working with Google to put an end to this bug in Clash Royale that logically would be a blow to the income of the company that tends to throw in his game this type of promotions to celebrate different events.

bug de clash royale

We recommend if you want to keep your money safe and available while it is retained, even if it seems that the bug of Clash Royale is already disappearing (some users indicate that the ruling n ose plays with the pack of 4.99 euros), you opt to ignore this period of Clash Royale offers and wait to a new event to buy gems, coins and chests in the title of a SuperCell.

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