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Best browsers to save battery and data on Android

One of the most frequent in our mobile applications is browsing the internet. Whenever we are on the street or outside the home, we were to use the cellphone to social networks and to surf the internet, and today, we bring you those who are, for us, the best browsers to save battery and data on your mobile Android.

One of the most used browsers in this case the Chrome. It is that comes by default all Android phones and is not always the best option. It should recognize that it gives us a very good performance and we have to add compatibility which has with Google Now, which is a plus.

But today you are going to bring them best browserss that there are for your mobile, if want save battery or not like spend you as many data as spends the browser Chrome.

Firefox is a good option

One of the best browsers currently and that more is growing is the of Firefox. Our companions of ADLSZone have mentioned which has been the last update of the browser. Because you are going to recommend this browser, since spends very little battery to the not working in second flat, and its use of megs is quite discreet.

WP-Appbox: Browser web Firefox (free, Google Play) →

Save even more data with Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the lightest browsers that exist in this area. We found with a version Mini, much more light, with a mode of saving of data in settings, a blocker of ads and an interface very little charged. One of the best browsers that there is currently in the shop of Google.

WP-Appbox: Browser Opera Mini (free, Google Play) →

Lightning in its version free

We found with one of those browsers more light that there is. Weighs only 2 MB and has a limitation of open only 10 tabs in your version free. Is one of them more light, and not spends nothing of battery use it, so it can be considered as one of which more saves. In matter of data, not spend both as Chrome, but not is of them more savers.

WP-Appbox: Lightning Web Browser (free, Google Play) →

Dolphin Zero occupies half mega

The winner among the browsers that saves more battery and that less space occupied in our browser is the Dolphin Zero. Occupies only half mega, 500 Kb. It has no special function, but highlight it to occupy so little space.

WP-Appbox: Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser (free, Google Play) →

Chromer, spent little and is good

One of the most curious browsers that there is Chromer. This browser is compatible with many applications as Twitter, and rather than Twitter open a link in your browser itself, it opens as if were in Chromer, also in a tab, but with performance. Is made to open is from applications, and is absolutely recommended. Not spent almost megs, to the not stay is almost never in second plane, and its weight is minimum.

WP-Appbox: Chromer (free+, Google Play) →

TextOnly: lose the user experience by saving data and battery

This is the best option to have a browser that spend little battery and which don’t spend anything data. This browser, as you said your name, shows no images, only text displayed. Obvious images, so we lose much in terms of user experience. But if yours is read and you don’t want to lose data or battery, this is your browser.

WP-Appbox: TextOnly (free, Google Play) →

These are the best browsers to save battery and data on your mobile. I discussed before another option to save battery power on your mobile, in mobile with AMOLED screen.

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