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Be is selling the iPhone 7 less than the expected?

The latest smartphone from Apple is having a shopping tour of the most particular. A few months it seems that 7 iPhone sales fall sharply and after a few weeks it seems the opposite. Today we have our hand news indicating that the Cupertino company could be slowing production of the device for different reasons.

As we read in ADSLZone based on an article from DigiTimes, iPhone 7 could be experiencing a decline in its production, probably due to the low demand for the device after a successful initial arreon where it was impossible to find some iPhone 7 Plus models in black (a fact that depends also on the little stock that had retailers).

Low 7 iPhone demand?

Apple ever has a stronger competition within the mobile catalogue, and we can not overlook the fact that numerous users and specialists have criticized the company for little innovation in the latest phones presented with features backward with respect to other manufacturers.

Similarly there are many customers and Apple fans who are waiting for a hit on the table of Apple in the form of 8 iPhone, a smartphone to be presented to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, reason why many users are hoping that this is the phone that mark a before and an after in the catalogue of the firm.

This waiting for the iPhone 8 of which we have already heard many rumors could partly explain the low demand for the current flagship of Apple.

Pabntalla curva para el iPhone 8 Plus

Or normalization of the market?

Apple’s iPhone is always a very sweet phone, with a demand that outstrips supply for months since a new model comes to market. The same has happened this year with the arrival of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus iPhone to the shops, when we discovered that getting the smartphone color Jet Black was mission impossible.

This fall, could effectively due to a slowdown in demand for the device or classical normalization of the market which usually occurs after the first months of commercialization of the device. By the time not there are any figure official of the number of sales of the terminal, but this reduction of the production unless us allows know that the iPhone 7 not is is selling more than previous models of the brand.

Item is being sold the iPhone 7 less than the expected? It was published in MovilZona.

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