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Battery problems in Google Pixel to achieve 30% of energy

Not is being to nothing an end of year quiet in the offices of Google. After the problems detected in the Nexus 6 p by them reboots randomised and them errors of battery caused by Android 7.1.1, now is the Google Pixel who suffers problems of battery to the reach the 30% of energy. Thus indicate it numerous users on reddit.

Has last almost a week since we met them errors that the last update of the system operating of Google caused in the Nexus 6 p. A cumbersome headache to some owners of the phone that generated the dreaded bootloop in the terminal, preventing the normal use of the device. Yesterday same the company stated that this problem had its origin in the hardware of the phone and encouraged to them users to make use of the warranty of the product.

Concerning the problem of battery in the Nexus 6 p of which talked about before, Huawei already pointed out that the cause was in the software of Nougat. If this out true, the error should replicate is in others devices and so seems that is happening, because after them problems with the gestures of double touch now arrive them problems of battery to the Google Pixel.

It seems that devices affected by the error are turning automatically to achieve 30% battery and not start again unless connected to a charger, something quite worrying if we don’t hand a type C charger as that used new devices of the company. Not is the only terminal affected by this problem, because some owners of the LG G5 also it have detected since the update to Android Nougat.

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A problem similar to the of iOS 10

Interestingly, this 30% of battery is an indicator that links both to the owners of a Google Pixel and for the owners of an iPhone. With subsequent iOS updates a large number of iPhone users complain that the device stops working once the battery reaches 30%. At that point, the unit turns off as if it reaches 0%, but if the phone is connected to the current.

This problem of battery in iOS was detected in iOS 10.1.1 and largely coincides with the Google Pixel battery problem. At the moment both Apple and Google are collecting information about these annoying errors to offer a solution as soon as possible to fulfil the annoying holders of both terminals.

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