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Banana Kong: would rise or fall of a title longtime?

A few days ago we presented some games that take a considerable in the catalogues of applications while, in spite they were staying at the crest of the wave, with updates that incorporated new elements improving aspects such as Visual effects and performance problems, or on the other hand, with the creation of sagas which got a great success on other platforms and give the jump to tablets and smartphones with new deliveries.

Contrary to what might seem, the fact that a title has a long history, is not a drawback to go little by little, losing followers in favour of other more recent works. This is the case of Banana Kong, of which then you have some of its features more prominent through which will see how gets keep is in foot years after its launch.


We get into the skin of Banana Kong, a gorilla who lived peacefully in the jungle until one day, an avalanche of bananas messing with anything that comes in its path. Our goal, will be run and overcome all obstacles to avoid being crushed by kilos and kilos of this tropical fruit. However, this will not be the sole mission since we also find all kinds of enemies who will try to stop us.

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One of the most striking aspects of this game is the fact that we will be able to play against our friends and compete to be the first to reach the finish line through platforms such as Game Services. On the other hand, highlights the made of that those levels not is are developed completely but is van building of way random to move by them.


Banana Kong, which for many is a reinvention of the popular Nintendo Donkey Kong game, has no cost, what has served him, as we have mentioned before, to follow the most popular titles of Google Play. It has more than 100 million users that in some cases, have criticized aspects as an integrated shopping can reach 27 euros per element. With the latest updates, according to its creators, has added stability and is have reduced those times of load.

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Believe Banana Kong has enough to follow in a privileged position, or you think that sooner or later you will end up losing jobs among the most popular? Have available more information on others games that is found in the same situation as it last of Final Fantasy so can say you same.

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