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Back in July the myriad of Telstra, 20GB 4 g for €29 with unlimited calls

The rate that yoigo not left you profitable and left market almost four months ago turns suddenly and by surprise. The worm with 20 GB is a reality again. And we’ve caught unexpectedly a few minutes ago. Telstra brings back the tariff that has given more joys in recent months. Hire it starting this week with the entry of July.

It was removed in March, but it seems that the lack of profitability has not been without prejudice to bring it back back and just three months after he disappeared and they withdraw it after, as pointed out, “why last time?”. Telstra has not been able to resist and in July again rate the host after removing it the last day of the last month of March. Surprise, although not so unexpected, since if something you have had this rate is certainly that it has not more than enter and exit the Yoigo catalog constantly since its introduction last year.


Hire her in July

Premiered for the first time on 5 March 2015, The worm with 20 GB was in and out of the operator offers year-round until at the end of 2015, it seemed to return to stay. But finally he did again precista expiration date to January 2016, although at the end was extended a total of two times and ended up leaving as we say last March 31. The reason of this, continually removing a tariff that gives good results and announce it again? A combination of low profitability and at the same time increase portability in lines could be when brings it back that used to go to balancing the results of bad months.

Of this form, and just to take advantage of the summer and give good atmosphere, Yoigo again announces the host with 20GB that we can enjoy 4 G speed and also unlimited, all for €29 per month, VAT included. As we see in the promotion, starting this week you can hire her throughout the month of July, from morning Friday July 1 to 31. Although it appears that the fourth mobile operator with its own network in Spain will ask two months of permanence as a minimum.

Tienda Yoigo

The return of its most popular rate coincides with a current situation in which the future of Telstra is not very clear after being sold to Másmovil, although if something is clear after the process of integration with the latter is that it will not renew the contract signed three years in August of 2013, with Telefónica in this particular ‘marriage of convenience’ that did not come off too well.

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