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Avoid notifications to interrupt your game on iOS

Today, a mobile phone used to many things, so many that even its original functionality, which was called, is almost up to forgotten, since practically all we communicate increasingly through the clients of instant messaging like WhatsApp. However, in addition to communicate, smartphones and tablets are also widely used for leisure, either with their games or just relaxing watching a movie.

Whenever we receive a notice in our device, this is a notification that indicates that an application requires our attention. While many notifications we receive may be considered as “important”, as for example our emails, Skype or the WhatsApp, other many notifications are completely irrelevant and unnecessary to have to keep track of them, for example, notices of social networks all the time.

On many occasions it happened while we are playing on our iPhone or iPad, or are we simply watching a movie quietly, we receive a notice that interrupts the task that we were doing to us, being very upset. To avoid that this occurs, simply can resort to the use of the function “not disturb” included in practically all them versions of iOS so, while are playing, us ensure of that nothing us interrupts.

In addition, we can also choose to completely disable all notifications of applications that we consider to be of less importance. In this way, in addition to saving battery (not be aware of them) we will avoid these applications to make sound or vibrate the phone even when the “Do not disturb” mode is disabled and we continue to maintain the rest of apps notifications.

We must remember to re-enable notifications to miss calls or important events

While it is very useful to be able to make use of certain applications without interruption, we need to note that it is possible that we are playing, or watching a movie, lose any important notice on our device. Therefore, once we finish our business, it is advisable to review the main applications to make sure that we have lost ourselves anything.

Also must remember to turn off the “do not disturb” mode of iOS since, otherwise, we will continue without receiving notifications despite not using the device, making it equal to that in the former case, you can lose important messages and warnings.

How do you usually to do to avoid notifications to bother you while you play?

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