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Available update iOS 10.1 mode portrait for 7 Plus iPhone and a multitude of improvements

After several trial versions, Apple has finally released the update iOS 10.1 officially. This is a highly-anticipated news for all owners of iPhones and iPads compatible since the OTA brings lot of improvements and bug fixes. However, the firmware it will be especially important for owners of the iPhone 7 given Plus software upgrade also brings the portrait mode in an official way, without installing Beta versions.

Rumors indicated from days ago that Apple was ready to release a new update of iOS and wouldn’t be any. Is was of the update iOS 10.1 and, under them changes introduced in them Idevices compatible, can indicate that is the greater update since the signature of the Apple release the first version of iOS 10. And is that the update OTA includes a long list of corrections of errors, optimizations of the system and implementations aimed to increase the experience of user of the platform.

Update iOS 10.1, of special interest to the iPhone 7 Plus

As we have already indicated, the iOS 10.1 update is especially important for owners of the iPhone 7 Plus. And it is that after more than one month, they can extract the full potential of the system of double Chamber of the phablet. Apple announced the way portrait as a differentiating feature of the camera model with display of 5.5 inches, but irrationally, the phablet didn’t have implemented software function.Doble cámara del iPhone 7 Plus

Now, the update iOS 10.1 install it natively and with this, the dual camera can capture pictures with bokeh effect. Now, the telephoto lens will capture of sharply a foreground image and the wide-angle lens can capture of blur with the bottom of the snapshot, causing this effect of focus and blur called Bokeh effect in photography.

Multitude of improvements to the system and the rest of iDispositivo

However, the update iOS 10.1 brings a long list of changes, as you can see detailed in the screenshots that advertise the availability of the OTA. The camera, as well as the portrait for 7 Plus iPhone, includes additional features to tag users who appear in photos.Actualización iOS 10.1

The maps of Apple also receive news, especially of face to them users of Japan, that already have of information on the transport public. Others of them points in which have EFECT them engineers of software of the Apple bite has been the app messages, as well as new tools for the Apple Watch and correction of errors and optimization of the connection Bluetooth in all the Idevices.

Item available update iOS 10.1 with portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus and a multitude of improvements was published in MovilZona.

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