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Asterix and Friends: Relive the adventures of the Gallic hero

Many of the most popular games that can be found in the catalogs of applications come from the adaptations of the cinematographic or literary works that have caused fury among millions of users, as I have mentioned on other occasions. The Walking Dead, the Lord of the rings and Marvel characters, are just some of the examples. In the case of the latter, we can see how cartoons are transferred to the portable formats and get a good reception in General. However, they are not the only cases.

Today we present Asterix and Friends, a game that brings the adventures of the popular Gallic hero to tablets and smartphones. Through the features of this title that then we’ll tell you, we will try to verify if once again, the popular character that always goes accompanied of Obelix, will succeed enter with force among the public as it already did with the films and how, with comics that gave worldwide fame.


On this occasion, we will be able to create that village that remains invincible against the four large Roman detachments that surround it. However, the lifting of this fortified town will not be the only mission, as you also have that explore the Roman Empire serving a multitude of tasks and as not, defeating the all-powerful troops sent by Caesar. To build an impregnable settlement, will have to go collecting resources of all kinds ranging from wood and stone, to succulent wild boars.

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In terms of graphics and effects is concerned, Asterix and Friends is not too unlike other works that combine action, strategy , and some components for example, Clans Clash simulation. However, to try to distancing themselves from them, it uses some characteristic of the comic elements as for example, the appearance of characters such as Cacofonix and Vitalstatistix. The co-op is also important, since we can create alliances with other players and trade with them.


This game has no initial charge as usual. However, yes it may require integrated shopping that reach the 100 euros per element. It has managed to exceed 5 million downloads , and despite having had a positive reception by appearances as a universe wide in which to play and the expansion of available missions with the new update, also has been criticized by payment products, unexpected closures and some instability.

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You have available more information about other similar games that are also characterized by adaptations of the large cinematographic or literary franchises such as for example, a list of the best games of Marvel for tablets and smartphones.

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