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Apps that should not miss on your tablet during this Christmas

The implementation of tablets and smartphones every day millions of people not only translates in the long hours that users remain in front of their screens, but also on the extent of these formats from various areas of the home, as leisure time and in diverse sectors ranging from health and education, to the industry. However, its consolidation would not have been possible without the emergence of hundreds of thousands of apps that at first glance, not only improves the experience of use of the terminals, but it facilitates their inclusion in all fields I have mentioned before.

In other occasions, coinciding with them large festivities or with them periods of holiday, you have shown ones rankings with some of these tools that already are games or applications in sense strict, can be very useful for those days of the calendar in which many leverage for take is a rest. Today, coinciding with the eve of Christmas Eve and to them doors of the Christmas, you show another list in which include apps of all type from which allow organize travel to other gastronomic and that also, van directed for all them public.

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1 list of gifts

Started with a tool that can be useful for those that need to do a number important of gifts. This app, which has managed to exceed 100,000 downloads, allows to make a budget in which we establish how much money we can spend. On the other hand, through the creation of contact lists, we have the possibility of writing in each annotation as the gifts that we have thought to buy them. It also includes a Task Manager prepared to write down all the places where it is possible to acquire the object in question that we are looking for some of our relatives.

WP-Appbox: List gifts of Christmas (free, Google Play) →

2 Christmas decoration

We continue with a game designed for children. Based on this app is, as its name suggests, the personalization of the most characteristic elements of the parties. The interface, based on a simple FIR to which we must add the different decorative objects but also, at the foot of the same gifts, it is also very simple and is based on click and drag all the items. With over one million downloads, however, it has been criticized by the appearance of bugs and unexpected closures as well as the existence of a version with errors of translation.

WP-Appbox: Decoration of Christmas tree (Gratis, Google Play) →

3 Christmas recipes

Thirdly, we found a tool that has not achieved a significant number of users but that nevertheless, according to its developers, may be useful. It’s a recipe book that includes a large number of dishes that are divided into several categories that range from snacks and tapas, to desserts offering a full menu. It also contains other functions as the database of background desktop with Christmas and a series of ideas of decoration of tables so guests do not only come out with a full stomach.

WP-Appbox: Christmas recipes (free, Google Play) →

4 weather & Radar

Inspired by the official of the State Agency of meteorology tool, as indicated by its name, it offers information about the time that will be in the locations that you choose. Among other functions, are radar which shows us the possibility of rainfall in real time, the hours of sunshine every day and also, and in a nod to those who go to travel over the next few days, which is a database on the State of the ski resorts or the dimensions of snow. The component of social network is important, since it allows to take photographs of the places visited and share them.

WP-Appbox: Weather & Radar (free+, Google Play) →

5 BuscoUnChollo

For those who do not pass the holidays with their families or friends and like to travel whenever they have the chance, this latest app from the list can arouse their interest. Broadly speaking, it is a platform that gives us important discounts for Getaways from breaking. Like others in its category, it contains a series of filters that allow us the search of offers according to criteria such as the location or means of transport in which we travel. Updated a few weeks ago, has surpassed one million users. However, it has also received criticism for resemble other comparators that can be found.

WP-Appbox: BuscoUnChollo – travel offers (free, Google Play) →

The apps that I have offered in the ranking, are just the tip of the iceberg of a whole repertoire of tools of all kinds ranging from games for children, to others seeking to personalize the terminals with highlights from Christmas through the creation of dozens of funds and melodies. In your case, you’ve converted to tablets and smartphones in guests of honour in your homes during these days or prefer to maintain traditions and move the terminals as possible during the holidays? You have available more information as for example, other lists of apps that can be very useful if you have thought out move to somewhere in the coming days.

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