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Apps not to Miss sporting events of September

He summer is being very busy not only in what is referred to the launch of new phablets, and to a lesser extent, tablets. These last few months, they have also been those who have hosted sports events worldwide such as the Olympic Games in Rio, that concluded a few days ago, or in a smaller space, the European Championship held in France between June and July. During the celebration of both, you have given a list of apps and games very useful to be tanto of what happens during them themselves and simultaneously, to put us in the skin of their protagonists. However, the time passes and we found with more events, in this case, to scale national, that also get legions of followers.

The Vuelta to Spain and the start of The League are two major events that will have an important role during the month of September together with the Paralympic Games, which will begin on day 7. Here, we show you a list of tools that can help you to be aware of everything that happens in the first two appointments through your portable devices. Be applications that deserve the penalty or however, count with more inconvenient that advantages?

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1. the League

We started with the official app launched by the League of professional football. In this year’s Edition, is intended to solve problems related to the interface and a more complicated management, aspects that were widely criticized in earlier versions. Among the most prominent, we find ourselves with a new design and updated schedules on matches, results, or a notification system that warns us of what happens in each one of the parties of the favorite teams.

WP-Appbox: The League – official App (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: The League – official App (free, App Store) →

2 return to Spain 2016

We continue with an app for the cycling event that this year has begun in Galician lands. Between their points strong, has with a database of videos on the different stages in which is shows the tour or the best moments between others. At the same time, it has a GPS that tells us the position of runners, the characteristics of each route and of course, results and rankings.

WP-Appbox: Return to Spain 2016, by ŠKODA (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: The return to Spain 2016, presented by ŠKODA (free, App Store) →

3. the League Stats

For who wish to deepen more in each meeting, this application can be very useful, since shows all them data statistical of each party as for example, them percentages of possession of the ball, the number of failures or them played. On the other hand, contains historical information about what happened during the meetings that have had different teams throughout his career. All this, according to its developers, through infographics very simple, but attractive visually.

WP-Appbox: The League official Stats (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: The League official Stats (free, App Store) →

4 Cyclingoo

This platform keeps track of the most important cycling events in the world throughout the year. Offers data biographical on each one of them runners as well as information detailed on the different equipment that participate in each an of them racing. It contains a notification system that alerts of highlights from each day. However, to enjoy all its functions, they can be necessary integrated shopping reaching the euro element.

WP-Appbox: Cyclingoo return to Spain 2016 (free*, Google Play) →

5 Head Soccer

Fifthly, we aim to a game that will be already known by lovers of football. The idea is very simple: we must beat rival teams in matches one against one that only we can use the head to control the ball and score the goals. To let winning matches, we go up in level and gaining experience. It has several modes of play and a capacity of customization that allows you to create characters according to our preferences. One of its most striking aspects is the fun appearance having the protagonists of this title, and which are all the players in the League.

WP-Appbox: Head Soccer League 2017 (free*, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Head Soccer League 2017 (free*, App Store) →

6 cycling sheets

We ended up with another game which, as its name suggests, makes use of soda caps to provide an experience that may be a nod to the most nostalgic. In this title, which does not have great graphics or effects, but that Yes has an very simple interface, we must compete against other teams in the Italian round as the Spanish. It has several game modes such as the time trial and multiplayer, which allows up to 4 users to create their games in the same terminal. Part of a series of titles covering other disciplines such as hockey, soccer and motor racing.

WP-Appbox: Cycling (free, Google Play) sheets →

The world of sport, has also been forced to readjust to the new habits of the public audiovisual consumption and which now have become indispensable supports smartphones and tablets. After learning more about a series of applications that can be helpful, both for fans of one of the biggest competitions football Europe, as well as one of the cyclists rounds most important in the world, do you think they can be useful and that they etiquette present geographical and temporal barriers until recently? do you prefer knowing what happens in both events through the media such as the press or television? You have available more information on other apps that can help you get more out of terminals as for example, a list of educational platforms to consider now approaching the start of the school year.

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