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Applications to congratulate the new year 2017 on iOS and Android

Today is the last day of the year, and as such is time of do review, meet is with the family, friends and especially wish you much luck to our relatives in 2017. And an indispensable tool to carry out what is without a doubt our mobile phone. Thanks to these applications we will be able to congratulate the new year 2017 both if we have an iPhone as an Android phone. They are mostly simple applications that allow us to customize the message we want to send our family 100%.

One of the main tools of both communication today as the rest of the year, and a few days ago I found some alternatives to congratulate the new year 2017 with a series of ideal materials to make it through WhatsApp, on a night in which hundreds of millions of users will use it for this purpose.

2017 new year cards

An application that allows us to create our own card of greeting of the new year 2017 in a very simple way. Basically is is of a series of cards of greeting with reasons of year new that us allows you to edit the text main, to customize it.

Año Nuevo 2017

WP-Appbox: 2017 year new cards (free, Google Play) →

Happy new year photo frames

This app focuses on photography to congratulate the new year 2017, because it offers us a multitude of frames inspired by the night of new year’s Eve where fit our photo and thus forming a greeting that we can share with our loved ones to wish them the best.

Año Nuevo 2017

WP-Appbox: Happy new year photo frames (free, Google Play) →

Christmas cards / happy new year 2017

An application very similar to the first that have seen of Android, but in this case in iOS, since in addition to offer us tens of designs holidays ideal to congratulate the year 2017, also us allow edit the message to customize it completely. Of this form is completed the send congratulations of year new in another language.

Año Nuevo 2017

WP-Appbox: Christmas – happy new year new 2017 (free, App Store) cards →

Happy year new 2017, 80 stickers for iMessage

As its name suggests, this app for iOS us offers a multitude of stickers to celebrate and congratulate the new year 2017 on iMessage. As you see there are until 80 and us allow give him a touch festive and different to our emotional messages in this night and day of year new.

Año Nuevo 2017

WP-Appbox: Happy new year 2017 • 80 stickers for iMessage (€0.99, App Store) →

Of course all these apps of congratulations us facilitate to the maximum the task of share them through the networks social more popular, as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and as not through WhatsApp. From Movilzona we can only add that we hope that this 2017 is at least better than 2016 and that all your goals are met with good health, along with your family and friends happy year 2017!.

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