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Apple threatens to Europe following the passage of Brussels

After the jug of water cold for Apple-whose results not are all it good that could wait a brand of its size-that you supposed it sanction of 13,000 million of euros by them taxes not declared, the company just of publish a letter signed by Tim Cook where Apple threatens to Europe with the decrease of the investment and creation of employment in the continent.

According to the Commission European Apple only had paid a 1% of their benefits in Europe in 20o3 having even reduced its contribution to the 0.005% in 2014. After know is the sanction, in the page of Apple has appeared a statement where is alleges it next:

“Along those years, have received recommendations of them authorities tax of Ireland on how meet properly the legislation fiscal Irish.” “In Ireland and in all them countries where operate, Apple meets it law and pay all those taxes to which is forced.”

The missive of the company also alleges that “never ask, nor nor received, a try special”, adding that “the decision of the Commission not has preceding and has serious implications, of broad scope”.

In certain measure not is lie that this type of activities that many companies made in Ireland to evade the greater amount of taxes possible are illegal, but the current legislation European aims to finish with this try of please from these “havens tax” and that them large companies pay it same that them small or medium-sized companies.

Margrethe Vestage, Commissioner of competition stated that Apple “has artificially reduced your tax bill, and we want to send a clear message: States cannot give tax benefits to companies, da same which are large or small, foreign or European”.

banderas europa

Less investment and employment in Europe

After this review to the situation current of Apple concerning the legislation European, the letter of Tim Cook ends with what many have understood as a threatens prior to the evolution of the resource that it own company is preparing to avoid or reduce all it possible the payment by them taxes not paid in the last.

And is that the maximum responsible of the company concludes its message noting it next:

Beyond that Apple is an objective of the European Commission, the effect more severe and damaging this decision will be investment and creating jobs in Europe.”

Put another way, if the sanction has just been falling on Apple, the own Tim Cook warns that retroactively it will affect directly negatively both the company’s investment in Europe and the creation of employment.

Something tells us that, after the problems with the FBI on the other side of the pond, a new battle is open at the front to a company that not going through their best moments, just a week before the presentation of its latest flagship. Almost nothing.

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