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Apple releases iOS 10.3 Beta with Find My AirPods as big news

Yesterday we did echo of the release of the official IOS 10.2.1 update and vaticinábamos that it is positioned as the prelude to the first version of iOS 10.3 tests. So it has happened and with a margin of just 24 hours Apple has made available to developers a new firmware that comes with surprise. Arrives iOS 10.3 Beta with Find My AirPods.

If expected weeks ago, it has been today when the signing of the bite Apple has decided will release a new version of its popular software platform tests. iOS 10.3 comes with new tools, certainly many more innovations from what we could see in yesterday with iOS 10.2.1.

The novelties of the new beta of iOS update

Developers, industry that is initially intended the new upgrade, have begun to bring to the attention of all changes incorporated iOS 10.3 Beta 1. A new development for Siri kit with which developers can integrate new functions and the Assistant voice of Apple -compatible commands relating to payments from the mobile is included with this firmware . In the same way, the icon of the application of the time includes support to offer the weather for hours through the 3D Touch function. Some other innovations are the integration of Apple Maps, something that will very likely be related to Tesla for electric vehicle charging stations .iOS 10.3 Beta con Find My AirPods

iOS 10.3 Beta with Find My AirPods: how it works

However, the most remarkable novelty of the new version of iOS is Find MyAirPods. And is that iOS 10.3 Beta with Find My AirPods adds to Find My Phone a new section from which it will be possible to locate the new headset wireless presented alongside the iPhone 7. This section allows to play remote control sound to detect the location of the AirPods in nearby. Functionality allows you to differentiate between handset left and right. This software will be ideal to find the headphones if we have left them, for example, on the couch, between cushions.Auriculares inalámbricos AirPods de Apple

However, iOS 10.3 Beta with Find My AirPods also positioned the headphones without wires on a map, as if it were our iPhone. However, we must clarify that it is the location in which was detected last synchronization with an iOS device since this accessory is not equipped with own connectivity or GPS.

Without a doubt, although it is not the perfect tool, Find My EarPods stands as the perfect support for those who have the fear of losing your headphones, a fear not unfounded since we must remember that, as well as the difficulty be repaired, are so high priced as 179 euros.

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