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Apple releases iOS 10.0.2 to correct the error detected in the control of the 7 iPhone headphones

Just two days ago Apple put up testing program of software with the release of the first beta of iOS 10.1. On the other hand, today we have available an express upgrade that has been released as OTA. It is focused to give solution to the problem that left unused physical checks headphones Lightning on iPhone 7. The software upgrade also includes patches to solve other so many errors found after the release of iOS 10.

While it is true that Apple has been embroiled in controversy by the significant increase in errors in its software platform, likewise responded with updates relatively swiftly to resolve them. That example we see again with the release of iOS 10.0.2, an update in the form of OTA that it has been specifically compiled by the Department of engineering of Apple software to end annoying errors detected on iPhone 7.

The EarPod Lightning iPhone 7 are problems and Apple recognizes it

iOS 10.0.2 update OTA

During the course of the afternoon, users have begun to receive an update OTA. It is a patch that includes fixes to some of the most prominent errors detected following the commercial release of 7 iPhone and iOS 10 update release. As it is usual, the introduction of FOTA updates, only users will need to check the availability of iOS 10.0.2 via the settings menu in the General section. There you can force checking new software updates are available.Actualización OTA con iOS 10.0.2

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Solution to the problem of the headphones EarPods Lightning iPhone 7

Although the log of changes indicates that iOS 10.0.2 corrects problems with the opening of photos after you run iCloud Photo Library and other related apps from the system extensions. However, the more news improvement that includes the update released tonight by Apple is what gives purpose to the problems detected in the headphones iPhone 7 Lightning. And it is that, since its launch, users have reported that after a period of inactivity, the control buttons stop working. Apple had recommended to disconnect and return them to connect or, failing that, reboot the system, to return to normal. However, he promised update to correct this error. So it has been, what with iOS 10.0.2 is all in order.

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