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Apple Pay comes to Spain, as it is official: how it is used and which cards and banks enabled

Yesterday was the news like wildfire that on 1 December, Apple Pay would be launched in Spain in the hands of the Santander Bank but has been American Express who has made it official before anyone else.

From Applesfera gave exclusive yesterday about that today would come Apple Pay to Spain by the hand of Banco Santander but at the end has not been nor the company from Cupertino or the Spanish bank that announced officially the arrival of Apple Pay to our country, but a statement of American Express.

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“Taking into account that Spain is one of the leading countries in the acceptance of payments contactless in Europe, the introduction of a comfortable and safe way of making payments with the iPhone was a priority for American Express and we are proud to be among the first to offer our customers Apple Pay, the new way to pay easy, fast and secure “, with all the advantages that American Express offers owners” indicated in the press release that we just received.

Almost at the same time, Mastercard – which anticipates the announcement by Banco Santander and other entities affiliated with the financial institution, did the same and announced the compatibility of the service with your cards.

There have been other companies of payments that also have been uploaded quickly to Apple Pay truck this morning and the first is one that many users use: Ticket Restaurant. Now you can combine typical card with which meals allowances are paid with Apple Pay to pay in settlements that have an adapted POS.

Banco Santander is, for the moment, the only entity that works with Apple why?

The news that commented yesterday from Applesfera detailing that, at the moment although it is expected that more entities to join the service, only users of Banco Santander will be who can use Apple Pay launch. The reason is none other than the commissions it charges Apple Pay to financial institutions that are 0.15% per transaction. This leaves lower margins and many institutions see it as too high, commented from Teknautas.

How and where you can use Apple Pay

The how is easy, because it will be available automatically for all iPhone and iPad having sensor of fingerprint, i.e. from the 5s iPhone or Apple Watch. By its part, according to data of VISA, the 70% of them TPV are adapted to the technology that uses Apple Pay by what, in theory, is can pay in them as is makes now with them payments by NFC with other applications of different banks.

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What competition has Apple Pay in Spain

This may be the Achilles heel for service in Spain. To begin with, we are a little “manzanero” country. Currently, around the 90% of our market is dominated by smartphones with Android, leaving the remaining 10% for users of Apple which, on the other hand, does not provide details of how many terminals compatible with Apple Pay have circulating through our cities.

In addition, it comes at a time in which the mobile payments market is full of proposals and with fierce competition. Samsung Pay has been underway since June and has already uploaded to your cart entities such as Caixa Banc, Banc Sabadell and Abanca as well as many shops of the first order. And that is the main difference between Apple and Samsung that the Korean does not charge Commission to entities for transactions at your service. In addition, no need to have a high-end mobile Samsung Pay is compatible with some like the Samsung Galaxy A2 by 2016.

But, above all, we must not forget the launch of Bizum, the payment platform with mobile and between individuals who have launched the Spanish banks themselves and that integrates into their mobile applications. Again raises he question do need you Apple to banks in Spain? Among other things because for that you will pay to Apple when it may be them who establish commissions receivable in Bizum in a particular way.

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