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Apple is seen obliged to reduce a 10% the production of the iPhone 7

Despite what Apple would have taken along the present course, Apple bite finally signing will have to reduce the production of iPhone 7 and other versions around 10%. The reason would be the same that led the multinational to reduce by 20% the 6s iPhone manufacturing by these same dates last year and would not be other than the readjustment of the supply of stock to one lower than expected demand.

Before even that went on sale, 7 iPhone sales forecasts were not anything encouraging. If you already on its iPhone sales seem to have plateaued since several economic quarters ago, those corresponding to the iPhone 7 seem to follow the same line down. This information, sponsored to date signatures leaks and analysts, will be corroborated or contradicted in little more than one month when Apple offers sales entries in the statistics of the first economic quarter of 2017, which will match the months of October to December 2016.

Information, which comes from the average Nikkei Asia, has been gathered themselves providers of components that cater to Apple for the production and Assembly of the iPhone 7 – and other models. These would have orders of reducing the volume of orders on a 10% of face to adjust the stock of iPhone’s face to the next quarter, the first of 2017. Thus, it would result in the same circumstances that confirmed a year ago cuts of 20% in the production of iPhone 6s.

The reason, therefore, would have that focus it in a reset of the stock of the smartphone of Apple before each sales lower to them expected. And it is that not even the collapse of Samsung with its Galaxy Note 7, withdrawn from the market because of problems with the battery, has allowed the US firm take advantage. The problems of stock with the double camera sensors which is equipped with 7 Plus iPhone nor seem to have helped much to Apple to regain ground with the sale of its phablet.

Thus, judging from these indications, the next economic results of the multinational does not seem to improve on the last announced during the last stretch of 2016, which have left to see a clear tendency to the decrease in the sale of iPhone.

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