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Apple could launch an iPhone 5 inch 7s with dual vertical camera

Still do not know if the end Apple will present this year a new iPhone 7s, as it would be the most normal thing, or directly the iPhone 8. It could even be called iPhone 10 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the launch of its famous smartphone. The usual round of rumors on the device indicates that iPhone 7s would be the smartphone that Apple will present in a still distant month of September.

According to them last rumors that wrap to the next terminal of Apple, the company would be thinking in introduce a new model of iPhone of 5 inches that would count with a system of double camera vertical only. In this way, we would have a new size of iPhone that would join the current 4.7 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inches, according to the Japanese blog Mac Okatara.

In addition to this new never before seen on an iPhone screen size, the so-called iPhone 7s, would inherit dual camera iPhone 7 Plus (a camera which in recent days has stopped working in some units). However, this element will reorganize in the new smartphone from the company showing a vertical instead of a horizontal alignment.

More details of the iPhone 7s

doble lente iphone 7 plus

Earlier this month, Mac Okatara reported that these so-called 7s and 7s Plus iPhone iPhone which would come to the shops in September with the new iPhone 8, would keep the 7 iPhone aluminum design. However, the report points out that the new phones would come in a color red completely new. Already there are several indications that point to see three new models of iPhone in 2017, including updated models of 4.7 and 5.5-inch LCD screens and a premium touchscreen model OLED and glass housing. This perhaps 5 inch iPhone that could reach the market under a special iPhone 7sdenomination, or iPhone 8.

Remember that in the past the blog Mac Okatara was the first in report that Apple would replace the takes of headphones in the iPhone 7 and debut a new color black bright, as thus finally happened. However, his record is not perfect since in November, it was reported that the 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus is sold in a new “Jet White” color that has still not materialized.

A time more plays wait, at least 9 months, to know what smartphones will present Apple in their upcoming Keynotes.

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