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Apple breaks record for sales with 7 iPhone

Apple achieves, thanks to the iPhone 7 a new record of sales with more than 78 million of units sold, although returns to confirm it down of sales of the iPad and especially accused a slight lowered in them benefits, 17800 million, if is compared with the same period of the year previous that is set in 18300 million. We can say that Apple live success but need to sell more to earn less, a detail that will be necessary to monitor long term.

Both the presentation and the commercial launch of the iPhone 7 were two of the most important events of Apple during the latter part of last year. Not only was the renovation of its famous smartphone as it already happened in the past.

Gráfico de ventas de iphone e ipad
The new model loaded to their backs a responsibility extra since the iPhone 6s left in serious trouble to them Californians to the not comply with them expectations. The latest economic results published by the multinational, corresponding to the last economic quarter, the third in the fiscal year of the company, were too inconclusive to determine to what extent the new model would benefit the growth of sales. The reason not was another that the launch of the iPhone 7 is produced to the limit of the closing of the quarter economic that understood them months July to September of 2016. In fact, only were sales accumulated by the new model during its first week on the market, a fact irrelevant by then.

More than 78 million iPhones sold

However, the sales figures provided by Apple leave no doubt. The signature of Cupertino closes its first quarter economic of 2017 with data optimistic since the period comprised between October and December of 2016 recorded a total of 78.3 million of iPhones sold. While the company does not usually break down this data around sales accumulated by each version of iPhone, seems more than clear than both the iPhone and the iPhone 7 7 Plus have responded better than expected by the signature and even than the analysts.iPhone 7 y iPhone 7 Plus en distintos colores

Record sales of smartphones

To understand exactly how successful has been the new iPhone just have to contrast the data offered a few moments ago by the multinational with those achieved during the same period of last year. By then, those of Infinite Loop left see that with the iPhone 6s, your smartphone’s reference, began to show signs of weakness. By then, sales of iPhones were counted in a volume of 74.8 million units. And it is that this record was a timid growth against the harvested in 2015 by the iPhone 6. Thus, in the absence of more specific data, statistics point to 7 iPhone and its version with screen of 5.5 inches as the principal architects of that Apple has achieved a new record, the sell more iPhones a quarter to date.

Sales of the iPad, evil in a row

If the iPhone has responded better than expected at a crucial moment for the technology, the iPad again show a downward trend in the market of tablets. Although it is a constant in this segment of the market, the fall in sales is quantified in little more than three million units. And it is that while in the first economic quarter of 2016 Apple could distribute a total of 16.1 million iPads, today that figure has been set at just 13 million units.

Gráfico de resultados y beneficios económicos de Apple

Economic results

If we focus on the economic numbers, Apple set another record with revenue amounting to 78.351 million dollars. If we take a look at the statistical table with the history of revenue and profits, we can appreciate how around 2017 Q1 numbers are stratospheric. These exceed by more than 2,000 million dollars of the firm’s best results so far, and which corresponded to Q1 of 2016.

However, it is necessary to qualify benefits reveal that, despite record revenues, descend over the same period of last year with 17,800 million dollars compared to the previous 18.360 million.

At the strategic level, international sales represent 64% of the total recorded by Apple. To this respect, the Mainland American counts near 32,000 million of dollars of the total of the billing. The sales in China, one of them markets strategic of face to the expansion of Apple, suffer an important kick since them income descend to them 16,233 million. In the rest of Asia and Japan the figures suffer a slight rise. Of the same mode, the U.S. outweigh the fall in the Empire Chinese with uin increase of them income harvested in the old continent, where accumulate 18.521 million of dollars facing them 17.932 million reported during the same period of the year last.

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