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Appears in the network a OnePlus 3T green metallic

When all met the successor of the 3 OnePlus presented weeks ago we were slightly disappointed to discover the little novelties that the mobile integrated inside. Now several days after his coming-out is filtered one of the novelties that were left in the dark during the presentation of the OnePlus 3T, a variant on a striking green metallic color.

This year we have seen a change in the trend of design in the current flagships of the market. Honor 8 made an appearance showing an elegant metallic blue and Galaxy S7 Edge is about to be commercialized in coral blue. Now OnePlus seems that it would be thinking about releasing a variant of its OnePlus 3T in metallic green color.

It is not the first time we see this tone on a smartphone. Months ago we knew the arrival of the S7 telephone in an elegant green colour that caught the attention of the technology community. However it is clear that it is a color that is out of the standard of the current flagships where tone gold, white, black, silver and rose gold seem to dominate the market.

In the following picture you can take a look at the OnePlus 3T of metallic green color that just filtered the network.

oneplus 3t verde

More news for the OnePlus 3T

Now that the new smartphone begin to reach the market we have been able to see how it is distributed the first upgrade of the operating system of the device, some software updates that will arrive at the same time both the new 3T OnePlus OnePlus 3 which is still non-availability in the online shop of the company according to the company.

However this is not the expected update with Android Nougat awaiting both the users of the company. The new version of Google’s operating system will reach both flagships of the manufacturer over the coming month.

As always, we have no way to verify if this image is a fake or a reality, but would not be more than the company is encouraged to launch a new color that implied a plus for those who still doubt whether buy the new 3T OnePlus.

The article appears in the network a 3T OnePlus metallic green color was published in MovilZona.

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