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Appears a new malware that are distributed by Facebook Messenger

Recently, is has found a new virus or malware that is spread through those messages direct from Facebook, by what is likely that it find in Facebook Messenger. In addition to infect to others users of networks social, the virus can steal information from the victims. According to Norton, the malware is an adaptation of the fake antivirus (Fake AV Redirect 2 of Windows) for devices mobile that sought to infect these devices of equal way.

According to be alert from the own company of safety, the operation of this malware that is is expanding by means of Facebook Messenger is very simple. Basically Gets a text message (rather suspect) where the user is encouraged to click on a link. To the press about the appears a message where it indicates that the system of the smartphone must update is.

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This message includes the model of the smartphone, by what many users can fall into the trap and accept the process. If this is so, the infection gives start and the malware will be distributed of equal way to the rest of contacts that have in Facebook Messenger, who will receive the same message that was home to the problem.

To turns with the Malware

One of them main problems of them smartphones current, more beyond of the scarce duration of your battery, is the constant exposure of our data private and contained especially intimate to attacks external from ciberdelincuentenes. Certainly this new malware that is transmitted via Facebook Messenger not is neither the last nor the first of these problems.

Look no further than a few weeks ago already we showed how hackers tried to take advantage of the success of an application like Clash Royale to infect those devices will be installed where a malicious app that promised to get gems for the game.

If like keep your smartphone to except of attacks external always have that make use of the sense common and avoid by all them media do click on ads suspicious or pop-ip that you encourage to download any application determined. Of course, in the measure of it possible must download all the applications of markets safe as Google Play Store. Also have installed a good antivirus in our terminal Android always will be of great help to fight against these attacks from third.

The article appears a new malware that are distributed by Facebook Messenger is published in MovilZona.

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