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Android Nougat reaches some Samsung Galaxy S7 after finishing the beta

The week past Samsung announced that the beta Android Nougat for Galaxy S7 program played to an end on December 30. In addition to this gave to know a date approximately to the arrival of this version of Android in a update final for this month of January. Although there was no specific date, today we have known that some Samsung Galaxy S7 are already receiving this software in what could be an additional test before the global launch of the new software.

As we said last week he had the beta of Android Nougat for the Samsung Galaxy S7, a beta that we found quite a few of the questions that kept this update to users of the terminal. Then he marked in January as the chosen for the arrival of the final update.

Android Nougat arrives to some Galaxy S7

You’ll be as surprised as us, because although is esprraba the arrival of the new software for this month, doubt much that nobody it wait for the first day of the year. And already has been some fortunate that have had the luck of to receive an update in the Samsung Galaxy S7 based in Android 7. This update has the build G935FXXU1DPLR, and in she is includes the update of security of the month of January that should arrive to all the users of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Nougat

It striking of this case is that after install is in the phone of shift, to the access to the information of the device, is can see clearly that the system operating is Android 7.0, something that not block in absolute with what is could expect of a update of security, that in no case should modify the version of the system of this form. Is speculates with that is is of a new test “covert” to give them last tweaks to the update before reaches of form mass to them users.

pantalla del Samsung Galaxy S7

Another aspect that calls the attention is that the version of system that will receive them users in the version stable will be Android 7.1.1, and in this case as is can appreciate only shows Android 7.0. Something that certainly confirms the idea that there might be some kind of test or intermediate step before the final arrival of the new software to these phones. A pitch that could be imminent does not arise any complication during this mysterious test. Of course if you are some of the lucky ones to receive this update, we hope that you share it in the comments.

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