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Android Nougat hides a totally customizable navigation bar

Improvements in API graphics Vulkan of Android Nougat, safety improvements in the system (encryption, updates…) or replies from the notifications menu are some of the new features that together with the multi-window reach first operating system-compatible smartphones these days. However, Google software hides even more surprises under his guise.

And is that the system operating of Google includes a surprise in SystemUI that, a time put in freedom, will be especially well received by those users, since seems that the company has added a renewed bar of navigation that is can customize fully. The development of the new navigation bar, dates back to early January, but Google has stopped its development several times.

We can currently only change buttons on the site, and add up to four by means of this “Customizer” of the user interface, but a surfer shows how it has managed to modify the SystemUI to reactivate this feature of Android Nougat eliminated in February, just as it happened with the night, for not being ready to be released to the public mode.

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Changing the navigation bara

As you can see in the pictures, that we show you the hidden navigation of Android Nougat bar on these lines can alter manually each one of the three buttons, leaving in the hands of users add other new and move at will all of them through a configuration system. Between these new buttons that can alter to our taste is located the from Clipboard or a button to add functions special.

Beside each button there are 3 icons that will allow us to modify the same in size (two arrows symbol), definitely delete it (symbol of the blade) or move it by the bar of navigation (3 dots).

As can imagine, this function hidden in Android Nougat still not is available to them users control the bar of navigation to your cravings, but their simple existence could mean that will be fully operational in future updates of the system operating. If we take into account that they are beginning to get the first news about Android 7.1 version there we could have the answer to the discovery of this new feature that we saw for the first time in January of this year.

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