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Android 7.1 Nougat, in preparation: this itself may be the version with surprises

Said it yesterday after the first checks of the equipment in our Nexus 9 tablet: the version which had become nougat Google devices, for now, was nothing more than a succession the beta that we had seen, although already clearly stable and functional. In fact, us pleasantly as fluid Android 7.0sneak, but we missed some missing to another final detail to highlight differences with Marshmallow.

Anyway, have the printing of that the company of the Finder not going to remove all the artillery in 2016 until this not can get in ones new Nexus, as has been tradition with each version of Android. In fact, it is strange version N of the system go to premiere at a terminal of LG, since those of Mountain View tend to be very clear that their own devices has to be the reference and model to follow within the platform, and this year, that the Nexus line will have specific and unique functions.

Android 7.0 Nougat: taking of contact in our Nexus 9

Android 7.1 leaves the first records

This information has appeared on a couple of channels, Reddit and XDA, used by developers to indicate that had devices with Android 7.1 from which is were testing their applications. It is, in this example to show us our Movilzona partners, up to 115 units dedicated to test the performance of the version and that they can very easily correspond to internal procedures of Google.

Android 7 en tablet Nexus 9

On the other hand, and almost anecdotal way, we say that there are also at least 4 teams with what may already exist for Android or running. What does seem clear is that the Mountain View will not stop the development of the system by much fragmentation suffered by this, and that updates will shorten their terms to a greater extent than before.

What novelties will be the new delivery of Nougat

It is difficult to say, but we understand that Google has a number of prepared, perhaps for Android 7.1 features, which have not yet been. Some of them are have been brewing, as the new Nexus launcher, to launch the apps drawer from the lower area of the interface. Others has been unveiled directly by the company of the search, as the new Assistant linked to Allo. The third and final utility is more result of rumours and pure speculation and would be a system similar to the 3D Touch iPhone 6s or the Touch Force deployed by Huawei.

Android 7 Nougat: these are the features favorite of them engineers top of Google

There will be that waiting a little to have the answers.

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