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Android 7.1 is official, and will reach the Nexus in 2016 but without exclusive features

Android 7.1 Nougat became very unnoticed yesterday during the presentation of them Google Pixel, and is that the new version that will run in these terminals will be marked by the exclusivity, to the incorporate a software made starting from the new Assistant of them of Mountain View. The Nexus, however, will receive its update before the end of this year, although probably in beta and without news of their successors this year.

Contrary to what some had expected, given the grandiloquence of the statements of any Google executive, yesterday not hear or half word Andromeda, and if a product that has been developed (go new) hardware and software in parallel. The main protagonist was Google Assistant, service you received quite a few more attentions to the own Android 7.1 in the keynote. We suppose that it is he touched.

Google test Andromeda in the Nexus 9. The merger between Android and Chrome OS points to October 4

7.1 Android these are characteristics in Nexus and Pixel

For them users of Nexus them news will be the following: option of screen in mode night, improvements in the response touch of system, the possibility of perform gestures in the sensor of traces, system of updates Seamless, Daydream and a series of new options for developers that allow remove more party of Android.

Google Pixel assistant

As say, the version of Android 7.1 that arrives in the Pixel is more full and exclusive, under the pretext of that these terminals has been developed starting from Google Assistant. The interface, as mentioned above, is different and has a specific layer of customization . For example, the icons are round, disappears the bar of navigation and the drawer of applications is launches sliding from below. The camera has a system of digital stabilization, Smartbust (shot blast and automatic selection of the best images), unlimited space for photos and videos in the virtual storage service from Google, etc.

Confirmed: the Google Pixel are manufactured by HTC

Google is developing in a manufacturer more

As we have pointed in a news prior, Google has counted with the collaboration of HTC to assemble them new Pixel but already not as partner, but almost as service external. In this sense, we see that the firm of Mountain View to incorporate a launcher rather modified of what may be the Android 7.1 AOSP version, and after the remarkable rise in price in relation to usual terminal, has become one competitor, setting aside the role of reference for others that used to take.

To see what such them leaves the played deal of convert is in the new Apple. Certainly it is not the first company that tries it.


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