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Android 7.0 Nougat we require to buy smartphones with 64 GB of memory

If during 2016 we could consider that 32 GB Smartphone versions were more than enough for the user medium, next year that bar will rise and we will have to assess, as a necessity, versions of smartphones with 64 GB of memory. And is that the file system’s Android 7.0 Nougat it will be much more greedy and will need more memory to the system, by subtracting the user capacity.

Storage space has been from the beginning a limiting factor in smartphones. Years ago it was merely because of higher capacity versions wouldn’t be apart from the 16 GB and currently and for the foreseeable future the limiting factor will be the software. In this sense, Android 7.0 Nougat will have great part of the blame since will occupy much more space to the system.

Smartphones with 64 GB of memory, a need

Although currently a smartphone with 32 GB of memory internal can be us enough, by the hairs, the next year that capacity could convert is in ridiculous, of the same mode that happens currently with models of 16 GB.

And what will be the reason? The response would have to search it in a cluster of circumstances. On the one hand, applications occupy more and more and more memory internal to be installed. He problem is thievery when in the greater part of them sometimes these not allow use the card microSD as support. By put an example, Google Play Services, responsible of managing the main processes of the system, currently can occupy in memory ones 500 MB. A memory loss without remedy since this software is essential in all smartphone with Google services.

Increasingly heavier apps

However, it is not the only one. Although they are not native to the system, some other apps have become for the user as essential for its usefulness and popularity. Such is the case of the app from the search box on Google, software that builds up in memory about 250 MB. The same is true with Facebook and other social networking apps, which easily reach the dimension of 200 MB in memory. Add and follow, and if we take into account WhatsApp, figures us soar. In this mode, if add apps native with apps essential, those 32 GB of memory-to which there is that subtract you what occupies the system-decrease to a speed of vertigo.

The system of partitions of Android 7, the guilty

As well, if currently between system memory and the occupied by basic services and priority apps, those 32 GB are free and flags for the user about 10 or 12 GB, with Android 7.0 Nougat that figure will be reduced considerably. The reason would have to be found in the system of partitions created by Google for implanting the new installation of updates. As detailed in Android Authority, a mobile phone as the Samsung Galaxy S7 currently dedicated 7 GB to the operating system, if it came standard with Nougat could double that amount. Thus, we would be saying that the 32 GB, about 14 were dedicated to the native software. We must note that this effect can be seen in models with Nougat series, and not those who are upgraded from Marshmallow to Android 7.

If the amount of memory dedicated to apps and services mentioned above we add to the equation, the user available memory will be reduced significantly. Therefore, a smartphone with 32 GB will pose us real headaches after a few months of use, being recommended to opt for 64 GB which, said versions of step, they are increasingly available. The truth is that this trend can already be seen in some cases and the most obvious is the Huawei Matt 9, a phablet that comes with Android series 7.0 and 64 GB of internal memory as the most basic.

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