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Android 7.0 includes a Migration Wizard for iOS users

A curiosity, which is quite useful, has been known about the arrival of Android 7.0 . We refer to an additive that did not exist before in other versions of the development of Google and that has to do with the users giving step let iOS to use the new version of the work of mountain View.

We refer to an Assistant who has been integrated to start from scratch (not to upgrade) in the process of configuration of the terminal in question and that, therefore, makes it easier to migrate from the Apple operating system. That Yes, don’t talk about a tool itself, because it does not include protocols nor way to import data which has stored on your previous phone (as for example offering Samsung’s Smart Switch).

Download and install Android 7.0 in the terminals compatible Nexus from Google

Then, what does?

So basically, and as he has discovered a user of Reddit has published his experience when installing from zero Android 7.0 on a Nexus 6 p, different indications are shown to be able to migrate all the information, always using the own Google Tools. Thus, is has very clear what applications is must install so that is can use from them songs discharged until the photographs stored. In addition, the link that the Mountain View company offers in a website created for this purpose is provided.

Asistente de migración de Android 7.0 a iOS

What it is all a success is the time in which appears the information, as is the the process of configuration initial, by what the user from a first moment has very clear what should do if has decided give the jump from an iPhone of Apple.

Opciones iniciales Android 7.0
Asitente inicio Android 7.0
Android 7.0 opcion

LG V20 will be first with Android 7.0, which is not a Nexus

The case, is that included in Android 7.0 Wizard process is intuitive and easy, since for example not lost any mail and migrate from iOS security is much higher. That Yes, it ideal would be that Google provide a application own that would allow pass all them data desired from the iPhone to a terminal Android, since all would be really more simple. But, that Yes, unless this aid in form of Assistant is useful and a step forward.

The article Android 7.0 includes an Assistant of migration for those users of iOS is published in MovilZona.

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