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Already you can download NBA 2 k 17 for iOS and Android

As every year we have missed with the FIFA for football lovers, which pull more by the sport of basket await their annual ration of the hand of 2K, and as a preamble to the game console is now available and you can download NBA 2 k 17 for both iOS and Android.

Lovers of the best basketball in the world can already take it in your pocket to either side. Following the launch of the new 2K Games franchise in PS4 and Xbox One, comes to smartphones and tablets, iOS, Android, the new installment of its basketball Simulator, and already you can download NBA 2 k 17.

News of NBA 2 k 17 for iOS and Android

Among the novelties that gives us this new installment of the franchise’s most famous basket of video games in recent times (back is when also EA dominated this market) we find, first, improved controls and, above all, support for using a physical gamepad, which improve our dexterity integers.

NBA 2k17 gameplay

Another interesting thing is my career mode, which has greater depth and which included things such as a simulator of furlough days, more equipment and attributes options to create custom player and a new set of logos, among other things. You can follow all our race from the Draft, manage the signings with different teams and relations with sponsors.

NBA 2k17 modo carrera

Also expands roster of historical players at the same time we also have more teams in the section devoted to the EuroLeague, which includes teams from this side of the Atlantic as well as the U.S.

Links to download NBA 2 k for iOS and Android 17

That Yes, it’s not free this time, but on the other hand we fight of the heavy micro-payment. Download NBA 2 k-17 we have the full game for iOS and more expensive Android, 8,49 EUR 7.99 euros – it is not to complain, we talk about a full Simulator portable basket which costs less than a fifth of the title on consoles that is around 50 euros-. If you are interested, you can access the game from links that I indicated below:

WP-Appbox: NBA 2K 17 (€8.49+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: NBA 2K 17 (€7.99, App Store) →

In Android download, no less than 2.6 GB and iOS reaches the 2.91 GB, therefore it is not recommended that you put to download NBA 2 K 17 and install it if you are not connected to a WiFi network or your data rate will be shivering when even we have about a week to finish the month.

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