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Already you can broadcast live video using Instagram Live Stories

Almost all of us have an account of Instagram, as the partners of ADSLZone, that allows us to unleash our creativity and show every day to our contacts. Now one of the most interesting functions of the application, announced at the end of last year, is deployed globally, allowing broadcast live via Instagram video Live Stories to all users.

Since Instagram Stories, the functionality of ephemeral content from the application of photography owned by Facebook, saw the light, much of the improvements implemented in the service have been absorbed by this interesting feature Instagram which has millions of users across the globe. From makes some hours all these users will find a new tab to the access to Stories for issue video live from Instagram.

It seems that Instagram is gathering in your Instagram Stories the most interesting features of its most direct competitors, such as the ephemeral content of Snapchat and, now, the ability to stream video live from the application form rather than similar to what you can already do with Twitter and your Periscope application.

To make use of this new feature, you must update the application from Google Play, as the ability to stream video live via Instagram only appears active in version 10.0 and later of the app’s photography. Instagram Live Stories was launched for the first time for users in the United States last November, along with a list of ‘Top Live’ popular to follow in real-time streams.

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How to broadcast live video via Instagram

Instagram aims to become with the addition of the latest features in the final application to cover all the social needs of publication of photos and videos. In fact the global launch of Live Stories also will compete with own Facebook Livelive video broadcast feature, but given that the social network has Instagram, both businesses have nothing to lose in offering similar functionality.

To use broadcast live via Instagram Live Stories video simply accesses the application and slide your finger to the right from the home page (or touch the icon of the camera in the upper left corner). Then, slide your finger to the right again to enter live mode or press “Start video”. As is the case with other similar services, you will see comments and reactions of your audience while you are emitting. That Yes, unlike Periscope, after transmission, the video will no longer be available for viewing.

If you want to see live broadcasts of other users, you can do so through the usual search icon instagram. Top the left now appears a new button showing the most followed by the time live broadcasts.

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