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Already to the sale the Huawei Honor 8 in Europe at a price of 399 euros

On 11 July Huawei had in China one of its most interesting within the family of smartphones Honor. With housing of metal and glass, in addition to a double camera as it of the Huawei P9, the Huawei Honor 8 posing before the cameras. After its put in scene in us, now is the shift for Europe, where is puts to the sale from today itself to a price of 399 euros.

Huawei gambled on diversification of its products with the mark of Honor range implementation. Equipment performance at prices well below the premium models to deal with the strong growth in the middle range. Thus, little by little, mark has boosted a market segment that harvested large numbers and that this year will have its presence with the Huawei Honor 8.Lanzamiento comercial del Huawei Honor 8

New Huawei Honor 8: all the features and prices

Start the sale of the Honor 8 in Europe

If you waited eagerly to Honor 8, today is your day. With the event held today in Paris, the Chinese give kick off with the sale of its latest smartphone Honor in the European market. So did know the manufacturer, which already has fixed price and dates of departure for your smartphone.

Under all odds, Huawei Honor 8 Finally may be purchased through the company’s online store at a price of 399 euros for the version with 32 GB of internal memory. In the case of the model top, with 64 GB, the cost of the equipment amounts to 449 euros.Huawei Honor 8 disponible para su compra

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Available from today

While the acquisition of Huawei Honor 8 will be implemented through dealers starting from the coming week, the smartphone is available from today in Vmall, WebStore from manufacturer. In these moments so only is available the model of 32 GB. Also, the availability of the smartphone is determined by the color you want. While Honor 8 white is ready for shipping, the blue version requires two additional days. In the case of the Honor 8 black, by the time figure under the modality of sale early.Vales promocionales por la compra del Huawei Honor 8

As a special offer, the purchase of Huawei Honor 8 comes associated with a promotion with free vouchers. The company offers a check of 100 euros to redeem for vouchers that offer different services free by time given. Thus, for example, the acquisition of the Huawei Honor 8 implies that the client can enjoy of clock during a month, Deezer during a period of three months or a package premium of Gameloft, among others.Doble cámara del Huawei Honor 8

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Huawei Honor 8, details

Europe will receive the same version of the Huawei Honor that currently is come you in Chinese and us, except by those details technical that can derive in the support of connections of data. With regard to the tab technical, the new honour will offer a display FHD of 5.2 inches, processor octacore, 4 GB of RAM, double camera rear of 12 megapixel, camera front of 8 Megapixel, reader of smell, connector USB-C and battery of 3,000 mAh with technology of load fast. In addition, the software will be based on a ROM with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and feature custom manufacturer, EMUI 4.1 GUI.

You can check with detail characteristics of Huawei Honor 8 through the sheet -hosted by MovilZona. In the same way don’t forget our mobile comparator, which you can compare one to an every feature of the Honor 8 against any rival from the market.

Huawei Honor Vmall 8

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