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All the news that will come soon to Pokemon GO

Although makes ones days speak of that the fever by the game of Niantic was starting to descend, not can ignore that continues being the game more popular in the world currently and that still having a huge impact each step that gives. Many are suing Niantic profound changes in the game to prevent an escape of players, and today we have precisely known some of the innovations that could soon reach Pokémon GO.

There are many players who are asking to Niantic certain changes in Pokémon GO so that the game continues to be attractive, and that do not carry little by little to a gradual loss of interest in it.

Trade and exchange of Pokemon

This is one of the main innovations that users of the game have been waiting for by since it came to digital stores last month. The exchange of Pokemon is one of the main attractive of them games original. Is a tool essential for increasing the aspect collaborative of the world Pokemon. The arrival of these changes in next updates obeys to the appearance of words as “Trade_search” or “Trade_offer” in the latest updates of the application.

Pokemon special

Also will have found evidence of that Niantic prepares the choice from them coaches of a Pokemon special. This could designate it of all those who have trapped and us would accompany to all them places, collecting of form proactive different objects to evolve.

Pokémon GO pikachu

New types of incense

It seems that we will have other types of incense available in next updates. While currently attracts to Pokemon of all them types during 30 minutes, could get other types of incense that attracted to different kinds of Pokemon. These suspicions obey to them files found in the application with “Item_incense_cool” and “Item_incense_floral” that as you see is refers to two types different of incense.

Legendary Pokemon

There are new references to this type of Pokemon, such as “activity_catch_legend_pokemon” that could be one of those events in Group that has considered Niantic and that would come in next upgrades to catch Pokemon legendary with the help of other coaches.

Pokémon GO legendarios

Pokémon GO and virtual reality

A folder called “VR” which refers inter alia to the virtual reality Google Cardboardglasses appeared in later versions of the game. It is not the first time that we have heard this novelty, but as in the case of the former, it rests on real changes in the actual executable file of the application, we will see how long it takes finally to get.

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