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All the features of the UMi MAX are officially revealed

During the last few days he had transcended various rumours about a new team from Chinese manufacturer UMi. Is speculated that by its name, UMi MAX, and the information detached of the own brand, would be a phablet with screen of large dimensions. Today doubts dissipated since the manufacturer has published detailed official information and features on the model on its website, and has nothing to do with the specifications they were handled.

Perhaps UMi is not a manufacturer of the most renowned in the international market, but its last few speakers have given some importance. Smartphones of mid-range with metal casings and interesting performance at reduced prices. In short, the formula for success that could catapult to other firms as prestigious as Xiaomi or Oppo. If the great novelty of the manufacturer revolved around the latest presented model, Super UMi, today we have news regarding one of the most eagerly awaited devices.Carcasa del UMi MAX

All the official information, on the website of the manufacturer

While it was rumored that the presentation of UMi MAX occur imminently, the manufacturer has surprised leaving details and characteristics of the phablet, as well as all kinds of pictures you see the design of your new creation world view of the world.

As you can see, the design of UMi MAX will follow the footsteps of other devices of the company. And it is that the manufacturer returns to bet on the housing of one piece of aluminium topped with bevels at an angle of 45 degrees and some curvature in the back. The truth is that the UMi MAX appearance is more than similar to own Super UMi, recently presented. That Yes, Asian brand leaves no evidence of the dimensions of the equipment, while within the meaning of the images seem to be contained regarding to the thickness, especially.Pantalla del UMi MAX

Tab technical with the characteristics

While it was expected that this MAX UMi debut with a six-inch Super AMOLED screen, the rumors were poorly aimed. At least dilucida sheet provided by the firm in which you can see that the display will be 5.5 inches with FullHD resolution. In addition, the panel type will be manufactured by Sharp, IPS that Yes, with Gorilla Glass 3 glass and contour 2.5 d layer.Sensor de huellas del UMi MAX

In the part of the performance, this MAX UMi will it come equipped with MediaTek helium P10 of eight cores and GPU ARM MaliT860 processor. In addition the system will have 3 GB of RAM, nothing to do with the 6 GB that had been associated with the team initially.

The storage system is composed of a 16 GB memory chip, although there will be hybrid slot with support for two microSIM / up to 256 GB microSD cards.

Connectivity has all the features necessary to highlight as a high-performance model in the range middle, with 4G, WiFi n dual-band, 4.1 Bluetooth and assisted GPS. The physical connection USB-C. slot availableBatería del UMi MAX

Great autonomy

In terms of cameras, this MAX UMi will count in the back, next to the fingerprint sensor, for a 13-megapixel sensor signed by Panasonic and a second five megapixel camera on the front, both with capability to record 1080 p video.

Finally, the battery will have a 4000 mAh capacity, data making a priori UMi Max a team of high autonomy. In general terms, the phablet will support wait times of between 15 days (264 hours), 14 hours in GPS navigation and 60 hours in music (32 hours through external speaker).Conector USB-C del UMi MAX

For the moment, details about its commercial launch, as well as the price of the market remain a mystery. However, if we take a look at our catalog of signature smartphones, just a moment to be features that this MAX UMi will follow the path of the other models in the catalogue and will become a model of low cost, low cost, which will give even more attractive by the balance between performance and price that will.

More information on the page of UMi.

The article is officially unveil all characteristics of the UMi MAX was published in MovilZona.

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