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All the BQ that updated to Android 7.0 N or Nougat

To put a little in context to them users there are that say that not all them manufacturers of great openwork treated by equal the theme of them updates, that in the world Android has an importance vital. Is a reality that the update of them phones mobile that there is in the market to the version more advanced of Android, the so-called, Android 7.0 Nougat is something key to them users more advanced. Remember that it is the first version of Android that owes its name to the vote of the users, who were those who chose its name.

BQ X5 Plus con Android 7 Nougat

By and for users

Turning to the issue of the update, comment that not all manufacturers give the jump. This online BQ an important series of updates that affect their most important models have list. A gesture of commitment to users and a clear demonstration of the effort that the company does to keep their clients to the last. Indeed, from the point of view of the consumer should be take a look to the competition, because not all them manufacturers of similar product and range are in the same tonic. Lead Android 7.0 N much of their catalogue (even to devices that came to the market in 2015) located at BQ as one of the companies most committed to the update of its terminals.

Many models, an only objective

Models to receive the new update are the Aquaris X 5 Plus, a model with 5 inch screen, support for 4K and an interesting 3200 mAh battery. Something similar will happen with the range U, which is made up of the most recent models of the firm, which will also receive the latest version of Android soon. Remember that the range U starts in them 139 euros, one of them more economic that there is in the market with Android N, to get to them 199 euros in the model more advanced.

In addition, must count with the Aquaris X 5, with display of five inch Quantum Color + and the always interesting provision of Dolby Atmos; and the Aquaris A4.5, one of those models more native of Android that exist. Comment also that them models of the series M (with them Aquaris M5 and Aquaris M5.5 to the head) updated in full, some teams of 2016 that van to put is to the last.

Advantages of Android 7 Nougat

The last update of Android is an of them more nourished of the history of the Android green. Benefits as the screen divided, the change quickly between applications and an improves of them settings fast and of them notifications, now more grouped, are only a small detail of how Google has depressed the accelerator in this topic. And it is that the Mountain View do not have left nothing to chance, the battery receives most advanced quick adjustments without forgetting Doze at full capacity.

Let us remember that, already present in Android, Doze optimising apps, notifications, and other issues of synchronization at rest, turning now to be active whenever the mobile phone is at rest but ‘in motion’, for example in our pocket. Following the line of the savings, it also performs better management of RAM in favour of consumption…

As we say, the list of improvements is simply endless, affecting issues as complex as Java and OpenJDK, giving go-ahead for creating games and other.

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