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All phones that have already started the upgrade to Android 7.0

It seems that a century has passed since Android Nougat was announced by Google at the Google I/O last year and now, months later and on the eve of the celebration of a new event for developers of the company, few devices star of manufacturers are getting the update to Android 7.0.

Google confirmed a few hours ago that the I/o 2017 would be held from 17 to 19 may at the same Shoreline Amphitheater where last year showed the world the news of the latest version of its operating system. Although is not confirmed, it is expected that Google will probably announce the next version of Android that, judging from the trend seen in previous years, should have a name that starts with the letter “O.”

However, as we said at the beginning, before the news of the next version of Android we are in the ideal position to take a look at the past and review what are mobile phones that already have received, or are in the process of receiving the update of Android 7. 0, as I have been telling all these months.

Few are terminals that have begun to receive the update to Android 7.0, but are sufficient so that we can make this small listing with all the smartphones that have already received or are doors to receive the long-awaited version of Android in our country. Of course, we refer to devices that have begun to receive the official OTA.


  • Nexus 6 p
  • Nexus 5 X
  • Nexus 6


  • 10 HTC
  • HTC One M9
  • HTC One A9


  • 8 Matt Huawei
  • Huawei P9


  • Honor 8

honor 8


  • Moto Z
  • Moto G4
  • Moto G4 Plus


  • LG G5


  • OnePlus 3T
  • OnePlus 3


  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


  • Xperia X Performance
  • Xperia XZ
  • Xperia X
  • Xperia X Compact
  • Xperia Z5
  • Xperia Z5 Premium
  • Xperia Z5 Compact
  • Xperia Z3 +


  • Xiaomi Mi5 (beta)


  • UMi Plus

Of course, other smartphones like Google Pixel and Pixel XL, LG V20 or Huawei Mate 9 do not appear on listing because they already have installed upgrading to Android 7.0 series at the time of sale. Not appear devices which confirmed the update but that they have not even begun the process. Once Google’s operating system to land in more terminals, will be updating this list to which you can go for mobiles that have already received Android Nougat.

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