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All phones on offer from the Cyber Monday from Amazon

After a Friday of madness with the Black Friday and them offers of weekend that have gone knowing, now becomes the auction with the Cybermonday, the day of them promotions exclusive in Internet that not is is back with regard to the aggressive discounts of the Friday last. We are going to review the offers of mobile that offers today the Cyber Monday of Amazon.

We have up to five discounted mobile offered options for all budgets and all specifications in this Cyber Monday .

Mobile sale of Cyber Monday from Amazon

  • Huawei Matt S Premium – 419 euros (- 42%)
  • Moto E3 2016-109 euros (- 13%)
  • Wileyfox Swift 2 – 145,59 euros (- 30%)
  • Cubot Dinosaur – 105,60 euros (- 20%)
  • Cubot Cheetah – 159,99 EUR (- 20%)
  • Leagoo Z5-55,99 euros (-20%)

As you can see we have terminals for all budgets, as the solvent Huawei Matt S Premium, a powerful handset with a Kirin 935 and 3 GB of RAM processor that is certainly of the most outstanding of these offers. Or more modest terminals.

Wileyfox Swift 2

As the Cubot Dinosaur, with which we can get for little more than 100 euros., but that it has a large display of 5.5 inches, that makes it an interesting phablet with 3 GB of RAM and processor MediaTek. Another great phone is Wileyfox Swift 2, which has the Cyanogen 13 Android Marshmallow-based operating system, and which is the best alternative to a stock Android or a traditional software layer above.

moto e3 frontal

Without a doubt one of the most attractive for its ultra low price is the Leagoo Z5, which only costs 55,99-EUR and a factsheet with enough power to provide solvent throughput in day to day, with quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM. One of the most charismatic of this list is undoubtedly Moto E3 of 2016, a Motorola terminal under the Ensign Lenovo that offers 1GB of RAM, quad-core processor and 8GB of internal storage. All terminal Motorola at a very interesting price, and a 13% discount.

Cybermonday de Amazon

These offerings of the Cyber Monday at Amazon, who put the finishing touch to the week of the CyberWeek that began just seven days ago, and that has given us dozens of mobile discounted on Black Friday will be in force during today. In addition to these mobile, which will be available throughout the day at this price, will also be able to access offers mobile flash every five minutes throughout the day, which in some cases will also give to us, as the case with the BQ Aquaris X is 5 Plus right now have a discount (- 17%).

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