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Alexa, the artificial intelligence of Amazon works

In the field of artificial intelligences we are witnessing a multitude of experiments intended to, in the short term, once again revolutionize the relationship of millions of people with tablets and smartphones that use daily. Cortana or Siri are only the best known by many examples and that broadly speaking, have brought the current consumer electronics and every day, many of the developments that we have seen in the great works of science fiction. However, the development of these elements not only requires years of research, but also of large amounts of money that makes its creation, it is currently only available to larger firms.

Google and Amazon also have a long working on personal assistants seeking to join the race to become the most advanced of anyone we can find to date. During the following paragraphs, we’ll tell you more about Alexa, the platform created by the trade portal for Internet and intends to complete the line of tablets launched by the company in recent years that not only wants to be an intermediary, but also one actor within a sector marked by saturation and fierce competition which forces a constant reinvention.


What is it?

Presented in a way official in 2015, Alexa is an artificial intelligence that in its origin, was present in an additional support called Amazon Echo and which was focused to other fields such as home automation. However, with the launch of the new tablets of the series Fire already is possible find it installed of series together with the software. On the other hand, one of its points strong is the connection with other devices, since currently, in United States is is experiencing with its installation in drones and appliances.

The similarities with Cortana and Siri

Currently, all the assistants have some points in common. In the case of them more powerful, us found the possibility of get information meteorological, the programming of alarms or the Search in Internet through the dictated of voice. On the other hand, the way of activate it also is similar in all them devices in which is present already is or with an icon in them desks, or by pressing one of them buttons of them tablets and smartphones compatible, that in this case would be the Fire HD of 8 and 10 inches.

Buscador tablet Windows 10

The differences

Among the differences salient with respect to its competitors, we find ourselves on the one hand, the existence of Echo, it assumes the existence of a unique support for artificial intelligences, and on the other hand, a series of features like for example, the possibility of access to the catalog from Amazon just give the order to Alexa or, also, the adjustment of brightness and sound conditions of devices that work with it. Another strong point is the feedback. To request information or get search results, presents two options: O well, listen to it with the voice of alexa, or display in text formats.

Lights but also, shadows

As they say portals like CNET, much to do from Amazon to improve the wizard. To date, would have a repertoire of about 3,000 orders and various commands that, however, would be even smaller if we take into account that the largest single number of instructions are understood if we speak English. The language barrier is one of the challenges that must deal from the company to locate intelligence on the same level as others that can be found, since still not is he has worked for the creation of a variant in Spanish.

Amazon Fire 8

His relationship with Fire OS

How can Alexa facilitate the handling of tablets released by Amazon? They say in portals as The Verge, with new updates of the operating system, we would find functions like Echo, which would improve responsiveness of Alexa after the dictation, and that among its most striking features, would be the ability to activate or deactivate the wireless connections or also manage various files stored in the cloud and know some parameters such as total capacity or the number of saved items. To add others that we have mentioned before as playing music and running some applications.

As you have seen, in the field of artificial intelligence, we are seeing major advances coming however, as it is the case with Alexa, also accompanied by limitations that can render it attractive not only for users, but also for investors and developers. After learn more about another element that aims to transform the technology and that it could come from the hand of other advances in fields such as robotics, do you think that Amazon should focus more efforts in turning this tool into an interesting option outside the Anglo-Saxon? Do you think that at least in the short term, the throne of personal assistants will be occupied only by Google, Microsoft and Apple? You have available more information on other platforms so you can learn more about them and think yourselves.

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