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AGM continues with the creation of phablets rugged with X 1

A couple of weeks ago we told you about AGM, a company that specializes in the creation of ultra-strong terminals also nicknamed “rugged” as a strategy to position itself in a highly competitive market in which users are demanding more and more durable devices that still, not sacrifice features for the benefit of the life. Sometimes the pursuit of different formulas that we already are accustomed to seeing in tablets and smartphones, can be the only existing way for firms like this one, which in some cases also has its risks, since the more durable models are also defined for a higher price.

The last time we did mention this technology was to introduce you 2 X, a phablet that was addressed in theory, to public more professionals working in harsh environments requiring strong devices. Today is the turn of X 1, in some aspects, as we shall see below, could be aimed at a wider mass of consumers which could serve to define the roadmap of the company in the future. It is possible to launch terminals whose strength makes them suitable for areas such as industry but which may nonetheless reach collective more spacious?

X1 phablet


The X 2 we could check how the creation of a terminal slender and fine in order to get one more strong was left aside. This is embodied in some housings metal that in addition, showed a quantity significant of screws and assemblies that you granted the certification IP 68. In the X 1 would also be facing a similar cover that also would have a rough touch in the back to facilitate greater adherence. It would have a fingerprint reader front and their approximate dimensions would be 16 × 8 cm. It is available in black and blue.


Here we would find some of the traits that would allow this phablet to reach a wider audience: A diagonal of 5.5 inch , that runs on behalf of Samsung and resolution Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels with SuperAMOLED technology. Cameras are one of their strong points, since it has a dual lens system on the back which reach the 13 Mpx. The front has 5 Mpx and between the functions of these components are the ability to record videos in HD format. Like its companion, the X 2, this phablet also is certified IP 68, which protects the panel impacts from heights averaging 1.30 meters.

x1 sensores


In this field we have another series of indicators that allow to introduce this device within the average range. This translates into a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 that reaches peaks of 1.5 Ghz and have already seen in other devices in this category. On the other hand, we find a 4 GB RAM, also within the usual since higher devices depart with a 6 GB, along with initial storage of 64, expandable to 128 by using Micro SD cards.

Operating system

The software can be one of the major limitations of the X 1. Currently, most of phablets that are currently launched within the middle range, have Marshmallow and even Nougat in specific cases. AGM device would run with Lollipop that no customization layer would not be added. However, it would be logical that you counted with support to upgrade at least to version 6 of the Green robot platform. In terms of connectivity, we find, once again, support for networks ranging from 2 G to 4 G through WiFi. Autonomy would be one of its strengths, not just by the fact of having a 5400 mAh battery, but also by having a technology of fast charge you according to its manufacturers, the filled in its entirety in just an hour.

agm x1 pantalla

Availability and price

On sale for a few weeks, the only way of purchasing this device at the moment is through online shopping portals as it happens in another large quantity of tablets and smartphones of more modest firms of which we have spoken on other occasions. Again, there may be significant variations in terms of its cost, which ranges from the 310 euros approximately of the webs largest, up to 240 other smaller.

As you have seen, some companies, particularly Asian, are going forward to others in regards to the creation of more hard devices but at the same time, somewhat more balanced in the rest of its features to try to reach a greater number of users. After learning more about X 1, do you think that consumers still not have shown its preference for this type of models while they keep demanding more durable terminals? Do you think that it will have to spend some time to see what the possible implementation of the rugged models and if they will have a future? You have available more information as for example, the pros and cons of this type of brackets so that you can say to yourselves.

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