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AG Drive, free as App of the week

Comes the time to discover what the new App of the week in the App Store and once more those who are looking for entertainment for the weekend which is ready to start are in luck, because Apple has given us again a game with potential to keep us glued to our iPad for a few hours : I present AG Drive.

Spectacular races with spaceships

The name of the game already gives us a good track that we have a racing game, but we are not going to put us in this case simple car driving, but that here we have the opportunity to drive nothing less than spaceships that does not affect the gravity (an interesting twist on what we are usually in the genre) around circuits with spectacular Court futuristicenvironments.


AG Drive is a game, also a great graphic quality, a paragraph that all good racing game must always take care the most, which combined with a designed scenarios with care makes the game is a real pleasure for the eyes. While images are often the protagonists, it is more not noted that the soundtrack is also quite neat and works very well as an accompaniment.

Endless possibilities

As in any racing game, however, even more important than graphics is the variety of circuits and vehicles that we will be able to test our reflexes, and also here we go well served. The different ships that we will be able to handle, in addition, have their own peculiarities, so really we have to show some versatility as pilots.

Even more remarkable is the variety of game modes that are at our disposal and that includes not only various types of events online, but also a wide variety of options to play solo: individual careers, contrarrelojs, duels, tournaments…

Free for a limited time

The possibility to take a free game is always welcome, but on this occasion is especially interesting, because it’s a game relatively expensive (its regular price is 4 euros). Remember that we only have until next Thursday to take advantage of the promotion and download free of charge.

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