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After the iPhone, the problems of battery come to the Apple AirPods

Not pass a day without know a new problem of battery in the devices mobile newly arrived to the market. Some have a long among us, as it is the Nexus 6 p, but others such as Google Pixel, and the iPhone with the latest versions of iOS are experiencing troubleshooting with power management. Now them problems of battery come to the Apple AirPods.

Some users of the AirPods, wireless headphones new company, are experiencing problems of drainage of the battery with the base of the device load. This way, after the problems detected in the new MacBook Pro and errors caused by iOS 10.2 on some models of iPhone, confirmed that Apple has a serious problem with this component, or software for their mobile devices.
According to Apple the autonomy provided by the charging base should keep headphones running about 24 hours, a figure that is not bad for a wireless device. However are many those users that already are are complaining of that this not happens in the reality.
In fact these same users ensure that in just a hour the charging of the Apple AirPods base is reduced by up to 40%, when the amount of energy should not decrease while the headphones not are charging. But even with the devices loaded to the maximum consumption of battery from the charging base is well above normal.
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One of those owners that underwent these problems of battery in them AirPods of Apple said in the corresponding thread of reddit that to the let them headphones to full load before go to sleep, to the wake is was with a decrease of the 15 to the 20% of the level of the battery. Others, as we have already said, claim to have noticed that drains reach up to 40%.

Solution to the problem of the Apple Airpods battery

In this case, as it could happen with the battery problems in iOS, there to wait for a software update to bury the error. The same user that exposed its battery with the Apple AirPods problems on reddit stated that, after visiting an Apple store and get a replacement for the charging base, apparently solves the problem. When is was to sleep with a load of the 100% in those headphones and their housing, to it tomorrow following found that the level of energy remained intact.

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