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ADSLZone 2016 Awards: vote now your tablets and favorite smartphones this year

East 2016 nears its end, and as each course, it is high time to look back to review the best of what has given him the year. The Group ADSLZone prepares their awards to the excellence technological, where is recognized until 36 categories between operators, rates, strategies of networks, tablets, smartphones, video games, etc. Already can help us to choose the winners in the Awards ADSLZone of this year and will participate in the draw of 4 smartphones and several surprises more.

If you love the technology and/or are a staunch reader of them portals of our group, you are the person ideal for help us to choose them best products, services and strategies of the year in them different categories that have made for them Awards ADSLZone of this 2016, in your Sixth Edition. We then review of teams that interest us in this portal, those related to the tablet or phablet format.

Awards ADSLZone-2016: best convertible of the year

Three shortlisted for an of the categories, to our mode of view, more interesting of the year. Them 2 in 1 is are emerging as the great salutary lesson of the format tablet, to the combine the lightness of a device mobile with them tools productive of a PC.

The Lenovo Yoga 900, the Surface Pro 4 and Galaxy TabPro S are true beasts that have managed to become object of desire of all passionate about technology. The first two teams, work of Lenovo and Microsoft have a profile more akin to the laptop, while the Samsung device seems a tablet almost by full doWhat concept you like most?

Type C vs Quick Charge

Awards ADSLZone 2016: tablets of high-end and mid-range

We are talking about mainly Android, although in the highest rank is strained, as it could not be otherwise, the iPad Pro. The Galaxy Tab S2, the MediaPad M3 and the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus are the teams that contested the race to Apple.

The tablet of Apple there is little that we have not already said. It’s a twist of Californians to the professional field by adding to the classic slate a keyboard and support for the Apple Pencil. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 stands out for its spectacular display and performance, while the Huawei MediaPad M3 has been a clear leader in the IFA past, getting a lot of recognition. Moreover, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is the ultimate expression of the versatile design that Lenovo has been working for years and is one of the most original products on the market.

Mediapad m3 sonido

As for the middle range, the list of tablets is even greater: Energy Tablet 10.1 NEO 2, Wolder My Tab Colors 7, Amazon Fire 8 HD, Woxter Zen 12 and SPC Glee 10.1 are emerging as the best economic devices this year. All of them are able to provide an experience that is advanced in Exchange for a price razonble.

Awards ADSLZone 2016: The “largest” phablet?

The range of terminals between halfway between the smartphone and the tablet is growing with the passage of time. Users increasingly demand heavier gauge displays and this year have nominated all major brands to meet that need. The drafters of the group have selected 4 terminals on the top of the phablet format and now you get to choose the big winner: iPhone 7 Plus, Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra, Huawei Mate 9 u Honor Note 8, what is the distinction?

Leave your votes for the awards ADLSZone and participate in the raffle of five smartphones

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