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Add the functions do and Undo to your Android phone

As the creators of the application that we bring you today say it is hard to believe that at this stage in 2016 still is not available natively a set of functions that allow us to make and undo actions as we would on a traditional computer, and more if we talk about touch screens. Something that finally we will be able to do with the following application, which will allow you to add these actions and other functions when it comes to copy or paste text between different applications, let’s see it.

As said it the most common actions that we can perform on a desktop are not so easy to carry out in a touchscreen phone. Good thing that there are applications like Ingresar Plus that allow us to easily add them.

Do and undo actions on your Android phone

May seem obvious, but to these heights not is so easy have of these actions in a phone touch, that are the practice all of which is used in the market. To add these new functions we can download from Google Play Ingresar Plus, an application that will allow to Add do and undo, copy, paste and search actions. While the last two options are common to almost all of the applications available at the Google store, in the case of make and unmake are not so easy to find.

inputting plus app

These actions emulate that we can do on the computer by pressing CTRL + Z or Control + F. With them are going to be able to undo changes made to our actions or to restore them to recover them again, with the known features Undo or Redo, as well as perform a search with Control + F. Ingresar Plus operation is very simple, since we are going to show a notification automatically when you write, that alerts us that we can do some of the actions mentioned above, showing on-screen traditional icons that distinguish this type of action.

inputting plus app

As you can see the operation is very simple, and although it still has some limitations, the truth that allows us to edit in a more flexible way the text that we are writing about this now we are copying or pasting into other applications. As say, can seem an application with functions obvious, but that by rare that seem to us were implemented until now in the majority of applications.

WP-Appbox: Ingresar Plus: Ctrl + Z/F/C/V (free*, Google Play) →

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