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A video with the iPhone appears 7 color Jet White

If before it say, before reaches Internet to give us with the door in the noses. Yesterday we talked about how the Mac Otakara blog reported in the past that the 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus is sold in a new color “Jet White” that we had not yet seen. Just 24 hours after tell it, today same just of publish is a video with the iPhone 7 in color Jet White.

7 color Jet White iPhone it has been rumored since November, just a few weeks after the presentation of the terminal which among its innovations had a unique color “Jet Black”, not without some controversy about the possibility of scratches easily. Now, coinciding with the new batch of rumors of the iPhone 7s just of appearing a video where is observed two models of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in this possible new color.

Apple still not has made no ad on the new version of your phone, but with the video filtered makes ones moments in it network could tell that exists a high probability of that the company it announce “by surprise” in them next weeks with the firm intention of improve them figures of sales of the new smartphone of Cupertino.

Could this be the Jet White iPhone 7?

-Sonny Dickson (@SonnyDickson) 27 of December of 2016

Real or fake?

It is not the first time we have news of this iPhone 7 Jet White or bright white color. The Japanese blog Mac Otakara, known for his predictions and leaks around Apple products quite rightly, already indicated weeks ago iPhone 7 bright white to reach markets boasting a new finish.

However, not there is form of know if them articles displayed in the video [email protected] belong to some models original or false of the iPhone 7 in color Jet White, as for example even appears the classic logo of Apple in this part back (as so can see in the iPhone 7 Plus).

Apple has not yet confirmed these devices, so it is difficult to know if they will be released or not to the market in 2017. These devices exist in color Jet White would be more logical to have them released before end of year with the intention of Christmas iPhone 7Upselling, as has happened with the Apple AirPods, but for the moment we will have to wait some more to see if this new color finally arrives to stay with Apple catalog.

iphone 7 blanco brillante

The article appears a video with the iPhone 7 color Jet White was published in MovilZona.

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