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A tablet for everyone and an app for each audience

On other occasions we have mentioned that one of the keys to the success of tablets and smartphones that we use every day, are the applications. These tools, which in cases as in the Google catalog, exceeds one million, have transformed the way we perform daily activities until recently, required processes that in some cases they could be tedious. Among the areas that have been most transformed with the consolidation of these platforms, we are communication, through apps like Whatsapp that all kinds of geographical and physical barriers have been removed, or those that allow us to edit all the contents that we have in the galleries of the terminals.

All this comes to show that broadly, not only we found a device that best fits each audience, but also an app for every kind of audience that allows them to take even more advantage of your devices. Then, we show you a list of applications that can be attractive if we establish criteria which use can make brackets as you destinéis your tablets to improve your productivity at work, or on the other hand, you use them to play the great titles that have caused sensation and have legions of hardcore fans.

For most scholars

Education has been one of the areas where fast has influenced the emergence of portable. An example of this is the fact that to this day, can receive training in various fields of knowledge across our screens in a totally personalized way. Elevate is one of these examples since it allows us to train skills as the ability of memory and concentration, logic or mathematical reasoning through different exercises which, however, are in English. On the other hand, for those who wish to take their notes everywhere, CamScanner can be a good choice, since it allows us to photograph them and converts them to PDFformat.

WP-Appbox: Elevate – Brain Training (free*, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: CamScanner – PDF Creator, Fax (free*, Google Play) →

For the little ones

Currently, we could say that kids already don’t come with a loaf of bread under the arm but with a tablet, since many learn to manage these platforms from very early stages. To ensure that they have experience the more instructive, fun, but, sure, we can also find tools as Quiver 3D, an app that allows you to develop the creativity of children allowing them coloring dozens of characters and scenarios by mixes of all kinds. On the other hand, Youtube has created its own version of the child to ensure his protection when browsing through the popular video site.

WP-Appbox: Quiver – 3D Coloring App (free*, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: YouTube Kids (free, Google Play) →

If what your productivity

Devices focused on a more professional audience groups such as architecture or fashion, being one of the tricks used by some manufacturers to solve the current situation affecting the market for tablets. We find tools to complete more to these terminals, as Note Everything, that allows us to create all kinds of files written, voice or even painted, and send them to the terminals that we have previously synced. On the other hand, we also find platforms such as Evernote, an app that has managed hundreds of millions of downloads and of which we have spoken on other occasions by features like a storage capacity of 1 GB, the establishment of priority contents or outstanding tasks files or also, the interconnection with other media.

WP-Appbox: Note Everything (free, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: EverNote – stay organized (free*, Google Play) →

If your tablet has become game console

Devices created for gamers have become another refuge for manufacturers. This means that little by little we see how appear new terminals focused to this audience. Meanwhile, while we wait for the perfect device, we have ePSXe for Android, an app that, broadly speaking, is an emulator that will delight in the most nostalgic to give us the possibility of enjoying the best the first PlayStation titles that came out to the market there by the 1990s. On the other hand, for those who you have bought the latest NVIDIA, TegraZone can be an alternative to consider, since it offers you a list of all types of games also available on Google Play and optimized to deliver the best possible experiences.

WP-Appbox: ePSXe for Android (€2.99, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: NVIDIA TegraZone (free, Google Play) →

All of these apps that I have spoken, are just a few examples of everything we can find in the catalogues. However, the number of tools that we have at our disposal increases every day in order to both include these brackets further in our everyday lives and also, in order to provide a greater capacity for customization and interaction. After some options to consider if we are students, gamers or to keep entertained youngsters with the arrival of summer, do you think that in the short term, we will witness one inclusion of applications in other sectors which until now, has stood on the sidelines, however, believe that the peak of the development of this type of product has been reached and that there will be areas in which their entry will not be possible? You have more similar information as for example, a list of apps available to enjoy the summer so you can get to know other options.

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