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A significant rebound of the tablets is expected in the next few years

Although sometimes they miss less signs of an improvement in the segment of the tablets, the next few years leave no present with optimism for manufacturers and investors. The slowdown currently affecting the sector seems more appropriate to a time of uncertainty and change, that a permanent decline. And it is the high demand from emerging countries predicts good health to the format in the medium term.

It is possible that the Tablet market is a little static from 2014 but the reasons have more to do with the fact that most users already have a computer and its replacement cycle is longer in the case of smartphones. However, the growth in the purchasing power of broad layers of the population, especially in countries like China, Brazil and India, will make that manufacturers should be used to fund to capture new consumers.

A study with a view to 2026 full of optimism

Normally, statistics that reach our hands about growth forecasts take as reference 2020 year. However, this other study published by PR Newswire sets his sight over the next 10 years. Basically, the key to the market is going to find in segmentation, since each type of device will have a distinct and particular demand in different parts of the map. For example, is estimated that the convertible and 2 in 1 will grow enormously in countries of our environment.

Type slate tablets will also live a good period until the year 2021, however, then they will begin to lose some strength. Android (or Andromeda, in the event that the replacement) will expand in this period by 44.2%market value, whereas iOS will rise in a 44, 9%. Even the tablets in compact format, around 8 inches, which now seem to have it harder, you will also see improved its position, generating a turnover exceeding 20.9% today.

Demand in emerging countries will require to innovate

Right now everything points to a halt and wear of the format. It is necessary to take a look at the dwindling numbers of equipment presented by the major manufacturers for the Android platform, and for example compared to 2013. However, the Chinese market is more alive than ever, also enough to examine the amount of new products submitted by companies such as Teclast or Cube. That is why big brands are going to be forced to innovate to try to get a good portion of the pie in those enclaves that are emerging.

Pixel C y Nexus 9 tablets google

Although sales are not as high in Europe as they were a couple of courses, approaches the moment in which many users will have to renew its tablet, with what the sales will have to balance out. This fact, together with the mentioned in the preceding paragraph, presumably oblige the marks to plague the market with new models in the next two years.

Article a significant rebound of the tablets is expected in the next few years was published in TabletZona.

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